Insurance Company and Driver awareness courses


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Ms Skid2 has just renewed her insurance cover. Not had a claim in sixteen years and it wasn't her fault then.
Online renewal filled in and nothing mentioned about Driver awareness courses. Paperwork arrives and there's a bit on the back (which nobody reads).
It's about driver awareness courses, she did one in 2012 and it's due to lapse in January 2015.
She tells the insurance company and they took an extra £35.00 off her.

Datsun 120Y

What did you expect them to do?

My missus got stung for an extra fiver when she told them it was actually my car and not hers she was insuring
I phoned mine when I picked up a course instead of fine/points and they said it would not cost me, but any subsequent claim might have a greater impact. In effect they would be keeping a beady eye on me.

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