Insurance Companies should be shot at dawn

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by The_Big_Floater, Jul 4, 2011.

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  1. Okay WTF do car insurance companies think they are on... I am a middle aged balding fat bloke who has ( could be the reason..) Who in his infinite wisdom has bought a small 13 year old runabout for the missus. Said bloke (ie me..) has also a large new car that I pay what i think is a quite reasonable amount for the insurance.

    So I decide to get a quote for the little brum brum and initially happy with the quote (£250), however on discussing the finer details the woman on the other end of the phone asks, " your no claims certificate, is it on your other car?", well of course it is I reply, " oooh you can't use it for 2 cars..", why not I ask, "you just can't it only covers for one... " Well okay how much for the put put without this on the policy... expecting maybe an extra 50 to 100 quid. " that will be £9**." You have got to be kidding, are you taking the piss, I have been driving for over 20 years, never claimed and have 9 years protected no claims and you expect me to pay that... not a chance erm bye....

    So go on line and use the good old money and after a few stressful minutes, pull up a decent quote for 340 quid a year. I finalise the deal and guess what, it's only with the company who quoted me 900 smackers...

    How can these morons charge such over inflated insurance premiums but also why when you have no claims it is still limited to a single vehicle, bearing in mind I would say at least half the population has 2 cars..

    They should all be lined up and shot for constantly ripping off the normal motorist who does not drive like f''ing Button and rely on this mode of transport for there livelyhoods. Why not put us all back onto horse and cart or even mark one road slappers.
    I dread to think how much it would cost for an 18 year old who has just passed his driving test and has bought himself a trendy hot hatch (Clio or Saxo) with a big bore exhaust........

    Rant Over.........................
  2. Got a quote on an 11 year old Daewoo Matiz 0.8L with me as main driver (40YO, 20+ years licence, 15+ years no claims) and my 18YO son as an additional driver (learner).

    3rd Party - £1580
    3PFT - £1440
    Fully Comp £1180

    And they wonder why so many kids drive uninsured.
  3. Kids drive uninsured, going off of road wars half the UK are uninsured.... I think the point is how can they justify insurance which is worth more than the rust bucket on my drive......scrappage scheme now finished and I ain't paying to get rid of it.....
  4. It don't stop there either, there's the small print to catch people out too. I just got Comprehensive motorbike insurance and when I read the cover note it said; "For Social, Domestic and Pleasure use - EXCLUDING commuting to a place of work or study!" Which is the most commonplace use of any vehicle. Then it took some fuss to get it changed too. I wonder how many people think they are insured, when actually the small print means they aren't covered.

    Also, the last time I got fully comp car insurance that was for S, D & P too and that policy included commuting as an extra rather than just taking it for granted than any normal non-business use would be covered.

    It's stupid. Rather like buying a electric product that doesn't come with a mains lead as standard!
  5. We recently moved to a better house in a better area complete with garage. When we changed our details with Direct "At least Dick Turpin wore a mask" Line they raised our premium by £190. Thats ONE HUNDRED AND NINETY FECKIN QUID. Cunts!
  6. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    I think I've got that whiplash. If somebody could drive into the back of one of our cars I can claim on the insurance. Whilst I am driving the car, obviously. One should hate to injure the gardener. Good gardeners are so hard to come by, dont you find?
  7. You twat, really got that wrong!! Your answer would have been to contact your existing insurance company and told them you wanted two cars on one policy as you are husband and wife. Have done that for years and saved a fortune also it allows both of you to build up more no-claims bonus.
  8. yup got to admit its law to have insurance but why is it law when its a civil matter?
  9. Is insurance for your car a legal requirement in all countries?
  10. Yeh I am a twat you must know me.... I did look into this and it actually wasn't really a viable option, ie it actually was dearer, and you will more than likely call me more names and tell me to fucking look harder, problem is I am a fat lazy c''t and was in a hurry to have an solution, with dogshit internet (thanks to sky) waiting for an eternity for pages to load and inevitably crash, wasn't doing my patience any good.... but thanks for the advise....
  11. I'm 25 got a few points and a naughty conviction on my licence, right now I'm paying near to £1000 fully comp for a year on a V reg 1.25 fiesta, the renewal price came to over double that???? what the fcuk! checked all the comparison sites too and they don't offer anything for much less? what's going on! I admit i've been careless in the past and I'm paying for it but why the hike in price just this last year!

    makes me think about getting a scooter?
  12. You might be alright in Somalia ;)
  13. Not in New Zealand I believe.
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  14. I don't know what you're moaning about: I couldn't find a quote below £3.5k for any car, even a 0.9litre Daewoo Matiz! Oh the joy of being young
  15. I bought a brand new motorbike, Suzuki Bandit 650 for £4,600.00. One insurance company wanted £10,000 pa to insure me on it. As you can imagine, they were told where to poke it!