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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by quiller, Apr 27, 2006.

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  1. it seems that my MFO box has not and never will come back from TELIC and i have been advised to put a claim in for my possessions. now, do or can you claim for the kit that was issued at RTMC but did not have to be returned. i've been told diffent things from "claim for it all" to "if you do that you are committing fraud". does anybody know what the right thing to do is?

  2. msr

    msr LE

    Which items do you have in mind? I thought that you had to hand back everything that you were issued.

  3. There is a thread about loss of MFO on the Armynet, it might be useful if you added in your experiences.
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Insurance generally works on the principle of restitution, ie returning the individual to the position they were in before the loss. If you submit the claim form with all of the lost items identified and evidenced (packing list etc) the insurer will then take a view on it, and should pay for all items with an allowance for wear and tear.

    The insurer should not care if the trousers belonged to you or were on loan from RTMC, the insurance is for your kit and equipment - you had trousers, now you don't, therefore trousers need to be replaced. Adding items to the list is fraud, and is a surefire way to cause problems. They will see that every claim form includes a brand new GPS, laptop, Ipod, softie etc... they see it all the time, and can spot bullshot a mile off.

    Hope this helps,

    The Duke ACII (Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute)
  5. Don't you need to give proof that you have been billed for issued items to claim for them under most policies?
    or am I talking sh1t (as ususal)
  6. basically all the stuff that was issued at chilwell e.g smock, sleeping bag, balistic glasses etc.
    just not sure if claiming for that stuff is taking the piss.
  7. theres only one reply in that thread, and it is mine. but thanks for letting me know.
  8. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator


    That is equipment that you owned before the loss, and now do not. Claim for it - if they decline, they you have not lost anything, and you have not attempted a fraudulent claim. Just be aware that they will know that the items are for free, and may only make a minimal contribution towards their replacement if at all.

  9. Your insurance exisits as ststed by the duke to return you to the position you where in prior to your loss claim for everything that was in your MFO box. The insurer will then (in theory) replace the contents with an allowance for wear and tear (if applicable) on clothing as per the policy..

    Again as The Duke says dont add anything to the claim as this will be spotted and your claim will be invalid. Dependent on who you are insured with I may be able to offer more specific advise so feel free to PM me.
  10. Quiller, The Duke is absolutely correct. I work in the insurance industry and cannot stress enough that they really can spot a fraudulant claim a mile off. Don't be tempted as it's not worth all the fallout. BTW, who are you insured with? as if it's with a company that I have worked for, I can give you the name of someone who would be more helpful on advice than the first point of contact.
  11. all, thank you very much for your input - it is much appreciated.

    my situation was slightly unique as i was injured out of theatre and unable to return, therefore it is everything i had in total that is now lost. fortunately for everything that is to be claimed, i either have receipts, mod packing lists or photographs of the equipment out there.

    again thanks

    the insurance company was towergate wilsons, through RTMC.
  12. In which case I cant help with any specific advice but any general questions let me know, Pike knows nothing about insurance, however he can often be found under the red light just outside Victoria train station.
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