Insurance claim.


Just returned to Germany from excersise and found my det had been raped of my kit and my crew b1tches kit too.

Now, I have been told, to cut a long story short, that to get all my kit back. I have to go out and buy it and produce receipts so that it replaced by whoever. The kit that has gone, has been bought over the years I have served.

Items on my 1157 will be replaced but first I will get billed, then claim from my insurance. From the CES of the det, the losses mount up to about 6000 quid, (3 stared items). So am I to get billed for all the kit? Then claim against my insurance and watch my premiums rocket through into next century.

I have sought professional advice already, and it is suggested that the Army is liable.

Yes my det was insecure due to the Sqn getting fecked off by the welder from an outside unit.
Yes the Sqn were aware of the above and it has been noted in Equipment Care meetings.
The Dets were in a "secure" compound in DPTA, and were guarded by a roving patrol.

Is this a no win stuation or have I got a good case??

As far as insurance is concerned, the outcome will depend upon the terms and conditions of your policy. Some will replace items for you, or will pay you either the replacement cost or their value at the time (i.e. less an amount for wear and tear etc.). Usually you will have to prove that you had the items in the first place, with receipts etc. The insurers will want to know that you did all you could to prevent loss - for example, if you claim for loss from a barrack room your claim would fail if you left it unlocked.

What did the police investigation into the theft reveal?
RMP investigastion will start tomorrow (I hope). Already been informed as have the movers. We are putting together all our losses on paper, with prices and serial numbers to be submitted to the RMP.
Yes_Sir! said:
RMP investigastion will start tomorrow (I hope).
Oh well, in that case you have absolutely nothing to worry about as , just like the Mounties, those cunning RMPs always get their man. Even if it often is the wrong man.

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