insurance claim, need a numptys guide!

having had my insurance for 5 years now and never ever made a claim, i have finally had something worth claiming gone tits up and an ipod stolen.

how can i go about claiming it? is there anyway to guarantee i get the money back? the ipod was in a communial room with me in it at the time (will this void it?) and my laptop has gone tits up without hope of repair with constant internal gubbins going pear shaped.

basically are there any tricks to make sure my broke lost kit gets replaced. im not looking to scam the insurance. i just dont want them to not give me replacement money on a technicallity if it can be avoided. and some people with kit insurance experience could help me out. iv heard putting stuff in a black bag and running over it in a truck works wonders. and losing stuff in a certain place doesnt arouse any questions! trouble is was never really concerntrating in that lesson in life.

any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated.
Who is your insurance with, and what is your policy? All companies have slightly different terms, which you should have a copy of to check.

Generally, as long as you have proof that you owned the iPod, such as a reciept or a photo, and it is an item included on your policy, you should be OK.

Unfortunately (as far as I know) there is no way of guaranteeing that you get a full recompense for your item, other than checking your policy before you take it out... you should find out whether or not you are covered before you start paying the premiums.

My advice (not necessarily the best!) is to talk to your insurance company. They won't try to defraud you because they would get sued for that, and they should be able to give you honest answers to your questions. If the result isn't what you hoped for, get a copy of your Policy Document and get them to point out the sections or pages that back up what they are saying. If there's something in there that says "portable items are not included", for example, then there's nothing you can do.

By all means, someone else jump in here with any of their tips!
aparantly i need a crime report for anything stolen. technically it was right infront of my eyes (had they been open and i wasnt asleep) so cant finger any suspects. (any rmp types can help me out with what to say?!) it was there when i went to sleep and wasnt when i woke up. thought i could trust anyone in the block obviously not! but being a popular room to chill out in it is even harder to narrow down anyone i might feel needs their hands cutting off.

any help in this matter would be greatly appreciated and anyone who has had any hassle with insurance companies before would be welcomed.

cheers easy
No crime report - no claim.

The insurance companies have been so extensively ripped off by people claiming for stuff they have sold or just kept - not had stolen - they now insist on some form of written evidence from the old bill - RMP whoever.

If you are overseas on holiday - you must report to the local polizi - even if that means a wait for hours and frequent repeat trips to the Police Station.

If stolen from the block you will have to report it.
will report it, as it actually did happen! cant finger a date or a time, cant say who did it room was full and i was there....and it went missing. thats the truth but can see the insurance company getting me on a technicality saying it wasnt locked away!

these crime reports? is it just a piece of paper saying something got knicked or is there a thorough investigation?!!!? im not sure my shtty ipod is worth that i just wanna get the money so i can get it back! with minimal fuss

cheers easy
Go to or phone your nearest RMP Station. Report the items as stolen. When you explain what happened you may feel a complete tw@t but remember the RMP are obliged to record your complaint in their DOB and initiate an investigation, even if the likelyhood of catching the culprit is minimal. Your complaint will have a CCRIO No assigned which you can ask for for your insurance company, if they try and fob you off, minimum there will be a DOB No. Some Insurance companies will accept a DOB No as proof that Police have been informed.
Police are highly unlikely to actually investigate theft of an iPod, they will just record it and give you a reference number for the insurance company. I've had to do that many times for Mobile Phones that I've had nicked just by phoning the police station, and I've never heard back from them about it.

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