"Insulting" a Gwar?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Nobby Sapper, Sep 10, 2012.

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  1. A Gwaress wins £150 compensation from the Halifax, for allegedly bing insulted by a "racist" remark.
    The Halifax employee said "I bet you're glad your daughter isn't ginger like you".

    Now, whilst undoubtably true, this remark is in no way racist. Are Gwars a race?
    But, it is not the place of a bank employee to make such comments, not on a first meeting, in a professional capacity. Bit then the Halifax are a bunch of Shysters anyway.

    And Gwars should face facts, harsh but true.

    Halifax: 'I bet you're glad your daughter isn't ginger like you' Furious mother wins apology and compensation | Mail Online
  2. Dunno but I've just instructed my two flame-haired temptresses to take note...
  3. £150 now that will buy a few packs of ginger nuts.
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  4. fu2

    fu2 LE

    Fucking goldbricker :)
  5. Mummy wants a decent Chrimbo present this year! :-D
  6. The Halifax employee may have been black or Asian.
  7. She should thank herself lucky that the Halifax employee didn't say "I bet you're glad your kid isn't a fucking ugly, ginger butter mountain covered in sweaty blotchy skin like you eh?"
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  8. It's not a race; it's fucking disease!!
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  9. The world should simply agree not to acknowledge the existence of this gwar whore and allow it to die of starvation.
  10. You cannot insult gwars as they have no feelings, unless they are orangutans, then just never call them a monkey. It's to do with quantum apparently.

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  11. That'd be worth at least a grand.
  12. Sadly, I fear that allowing her to die from starvation would take a considerable amount of time. Even if she stopped eating tomorrow she would probably still be hanging on at the start of the opening ceremony for the Rio Olympics.