Insult to injury!!

This is reference my last post which is about the BFG deregistering of vehicles process.

I’ve been told to pay the tax on my 8 month old BFG registered car due to the fact that my assignment order is not to the UK but to an other overseas location not within the EU!

I have just, minutes ago found out (with paper proof at hand) that the powers that be are prejudice in there choosing who can and can’t de-register there cars without having to pay the GERMAN 19% tax!!

In this particular instance, the person in question has been granted permission to NOT PAY the 19 % GERMAN tax on his/her car even though he/she is not posted to the UK but to an other location!!

Without giving to much detail about this case, I would hate to see this person penalised in any way, but could someone explain to me how the selection process works!!

I have also spoken to customs and exercise in the UK and confirmed that as long as a car is 6 months and 1 day old, the UK will NOT ask for any tax to be paid on the vehicle. When asked if the German customs authorities would have the right to claim the tax on any of these vehicles, the answer was and I quote ”DOUBTFULL”. If the car is purchased in the UK and sold on in the UK, the German authorities have no rights to claim the tax on the vehicle.
Have you checked the rules yourself or just had advice from your unit BFG Bod or UKSC(G) BFG Office?

I have been in the rule books for the past 2 weeks. On the phone to every source I can think of and in the interim, have found others in the same boat as me and pooled our collective knowledge, so you see, all I have stated is factual!
I don't have access to SOs BA(G) anymore so cannot really help but I thought that if you had the car BFGd for 1 day, it did not matter if you were assigned elsewhere - tax was not payable.

If the rules have changed, can you not register the car in UK when you leave BFG and then export it to wherever you are assigned next?
SO BA(G) where one of the many doc’s that we consulted. If you are posted to the UK you are not asked to pay the tax. It’s only if you are posted elsewhere in the world!! That is my dilemma.
Have you approached your Garrison C&I Officer ref this? I am sure if ask them, they will help you.

Hope this helps.

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