Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by scrofula, Oct 31, 2008.

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  1. As it is getting cold again, especially in my part of Europe, I've noticed that weight challenged people, or, frankly fat fcukers, seem to wrap up more. Whatever happened to the insulating properties of blubber.? A scientist should investigate.
  2. Could be that these fat gits that deprive all of us of food, have gotten too used to a nice cushy society. They've softened up so much that blubber or not, they're just that pathetic they can't deal with the cold?

    It isn't just the chunky ones round here either, there's a whole load of people you'll see on the street are wrapped up for arctic conditions at the moment, and the lowest temp we've had's been about 6 or 7 celcius.
  3. The bloaters are not generating as much heat as a normal active person and have a larger surface area to radiate the heat from, plus their endocrine system is all out of whack and can't regulate the bodies temperature.

    You should shoot them on sight instead of wasting the time and effort of our leading scienticians.
  4. Shoot them? A waste of ammo surely. Just cut off their food supply, or pile them all into the sea and do the whole reclaimed land thing. Build a city on the corpses.
  5. I agree in part. Shoot them first and then leave it to the youngest person in the lab to dissect. Take the leftovers to the nearest village pub and tell them they are best cuts.
  6. Corral them all on fallow fields, thereby saving transport costs for when they die of starvation and fertilize the good arable land with their decomposing remains.

    Unless they're birds, in which case shag 'em first and nick their fish supper.
  7. [​IMG]

    Perhaps not.
  8. Tie 900 of them together, then use them as a tidal barrage. When that 900 have slimmed enough to be readmitted to society, pick another 900. It's practically a renewable resource.
  9. Hahahaha, what the hell is that? Other than a bad saturday night.
  10. An even worse Sunday morning?
  11. That kind of photo is normal on a UK marriage-hunting website, I would have thought......
  12. Being cold is fer hermer fat birds, northern scrubbers keep warm!

  13. Ew mah gawd !!! Mark-In, I just woke up cause I was daft enough not to reset the alarm for the weekend. Not only have you put me off a solid breakfast, I'll probably never go to Blackpool on holiday again. To hell with it, I'll have to crack open a tinnie to get over the shock. There goes the weekend.
  14. get em on treadmills to generate electricity. Green energy and fat burning.