Insufficient Seniority

Ive done a search to see if this has been asked before and havent found anything so apologies in advance but here goes..

Im a Crafty, been in the Army 3 1/2 years and Ive been at my first unit 18 months now. I recieved my first SJAR and was strongly recommended for promotion. After keeping an eye on the Board proceedings Ive discovered that I havent gone to the board due to Insufficient Seniority. Now if this is time in rank, could someone please tell me what the minimum time in rank must be? or is it due to it being my first SJAR that has held me back?

If anyone could shed some light on it for me that would be much appreciated!
Thanks for the swift reply! Ive been a class 2 for over a year, but due to other commitments have yet to do my PNCO CLM, I was actualy told that I could be promoted without it so long as i passed it within 12 months of coming off the board, is this not the case? Im a metalsmith by the way.
As far as I can remember (and I've been out 18 months now and the promotion rules seam to change daily these days) that you need 2 years in rank before you are eligible for promotion (unless very extenuating circumstances). I know you are under the impression that you have been a Cfn for 3 1/2 years but in reality (and especially as far as promotion boards go) you have only been a Cfn for 18 months or so, as this is the length of time you have been trade qualified.

Very very few people pick up on their first CR in the REME in any rank, although I did from L/Cpl to Cpl but that had a lot to do with the BEME 16x grading me as the top L/Cpl VM in the Bde, so ner ner na ner ner.... And as far as Cfn go I only know 1 who picked up on his first CR and that was for getting QCVS for wiring up RHQ on TELIC 1. Be patient fella, keep doing what you're doing and promotion will come.
I see, I was quite shocked to be recommended and recieve a 3RO on my first, but the 2 years in rank certainly makes sense. I think the whole 'Seniority' bit throws me. Thanks for clearing it up for me!
Have spoken to Glasgow today regards this Seniority Issue, the official requirements for the Cfn - Lcpl board are:

12 months in the Field Army
Recommended on current SJAR
Class 2 at trade

That is it.

So seeing as I match the criteria, Ive been informed that Glasgow have dropped a bollock, and they will forward me to some 'Specialist' board that sits in November, if I pick up off that I'll be informed in Dec.

Has anyone ever been in a similar situation and what are my chances of picking up on this board, seeing as it is only a month after the Cfn-LCpl board, is there actually a possibility of positions becoming available so soon? Or is this all Army speak for 'Chin Up Son and wait till next year'...


If APC have admitted they made a mistake I'd be willing to bet you'll be picked up on the board they told you about. I'm surprised that you have not been promoted to Acting LCpl if it's their mistake though and it may be worth you asking the question at unit level, after all it's money not going in your pocket isn't it?
I've had 2 lads go to a Special Board after the promotion authority dropped a bollock: both were promoted and both were well above average. A 3RO comment would indicate you are above average.
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