Instruments at AFC Harrogate


Hello, just a quick question.
Does anyone know if I can bring my guitar to Harrogate?

Cheers, Dan.


I'd wait until you get there and ask the staff, its not as if you get loads of time off in your first few weeks!
I know someone who was an instructor there a decade ago. There is a band that JS can play in, but don't expect any time to play for the first couple of months.

My advice would be to leave it at home and then bring it back with you after the first weekend off.

Also, this advice might be out of date. If the AFC is softer than it used to be, just bring it and bang your Pl Sgt out when he asks you what it is.


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If you ask nicely perhaps the DS will let you form an ensemble, as I suspect a light orchestra might be pushing it a bit, although ISTR the WRVS lady may have access to a baby grand.

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