Instrument and Control Engineers Abu Dhabi Probably one for Ex Sigs/REME type

Discussion in 'Jobs Offered' started by steinlagerXV, Nov 8, 2011.

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  1. On offer tax free salary of £40,000, 40 days, leave, travel allowance (equivalent to four return flights a year), accomodation allowance, long term role
    on a 1 year rolling contract, project to last next 4-5 years.

    Looking at a new year start, so you can have Christmas at home.

    Job Description


    Reports to:

    * Reports to Site Manager
    * Reports functionally to PS Engineering Manager

    Job Description:

    Duties and Responsibilities:

    * Coordinates with the Field Engineering team. Responsible for the process of commissioning equipment on site.
    * Job assignment location is on-site functioning as a member of the project site team reporting to the Site Manager.
    * Responsible for installing, managing, configuring, set up and/or maintaining company-supplied equipment along with accompanying machinery and processes for the assigned project.
    * Manages system integration and engineering.
    * Responsible for ensuring that the systems and processes operate effectively, efficiently, and safely.
    * Manages system ATP.
    * Develops a thorough understanding of the operational processes of the system and assists the Site Manager on technical issues during the site acceptance testing (SAT). Exercises a multidisciplinary role, working closely with team members across a number of functions including Construction, Procurement, and PS.
    * Works collaboratively with design engineers, PS Systems and Field Engineering, Procurement, Logistics and other internal staff.
    * Liaises with suppliers and contractors.
    * Responsible for troubleshooting and problem-solving the associated systems, as necessary
    * Manages the implementation of the computer software as specified including set-up or command and control and integration of the system.
    * Ensures compliance with the Health and Safety Plan and quality standards.
    * Manages Field Engineering task force assigned by the Field Engineering Manager.

    Requirements / Experience:

    * Three to five years of experience in a controls and instrumentation engineering environment
    * Developed skills in advanced process control (APC), distributed control systems (DCS),
    programmable logic controllers (PLC), and supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA)
    * Creative problem-solving and troubleshooting skills
    * Excellent critical thinking
    * Good communication and interpersonal skills
    * A willingness to accept responsibility and make decisions
    * A high level of attention to detail
    * An understanding of, and ability to work with, computer technology
    * Ability to work under pressure and coordinate numerous activities and groups of people who need to cooperate to achieve maximum efficiency
    * Fluent in written/spoken English
    * Prior experience working in the Middle East region nice to have
    * Technician background on projects involving telecommunications, instrumentation, controls

    Education / Certification Requirements:

    * Graduate of a four-year degree program in electrical or electronic
    engineering, computer engineering, mechanical or systems
    engineering-preferred but not required. Diplomas etc also valid

  2. PM Me for more details/discuss further
  3. Worth me bothering after last times disappointment? Im some kind of ex Sigs technical type.