Discussion in 'ACF' started by Danny_Dravot, Jun 3, 2007.

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  1. This may be a totally bone question....but.....

    is it possible for a Regular to volunteer his/her time to help out with local cadet det?

    There must be 100s of people who are in a non-deployable posts (sorry assignments) who have the will and time to offer their services to such a good cause?


  2. GB,


    After you've completed your current re-show submit a PPP for one of the many OC CTT posts.

  3. Certainly is. Provision exists within the Regulations for attachment of Reg/TA to the ACF. I think this is limited to sponsoring units. That said I do know that within our County there have been instances of ad-hoc helping out. There are, of course, also issues with CRB clearance.

    I do both TA and ACF with which there is no problem. There are even
    Cadets within our County who are in their final few months as Cadets and are both TA and Cadet.

    First port of call should be to speak to the CEO of the County concerned and get an answer from the horses mouth so to speak.

    Generally speaking help is usually very much appreciated.
  4. We have regular soldiers (often ex cadets or cadet's parents) who help out by coming to the detachment or on training weekends and annual camps. As far as I'm aware they've never needed a CRB - what with being in the army - just the permission of their CO.
  5. Joining checks for Army\TA do not automatically include certain checks relevant to CRB clearance for working with "Young Persons" therefore one cannot assume that a full CRB check may be dispensed with.

    That said the type of training undertaken and presence of cleared Officers\AI's can mean that an individual may assist without CRB

    Permission of CO goes without saying as does clearance to train by the County concerned.

    I too have ex Cadets, now Regular soldiers visiting on leave and calling in to help out. That said even the parents of Cadets should realistically be cleared, dependant of course on types of assistance undertaken. Have a look at the Regulations.
  6. We have a reg who helps out a lot on weekends and at annual camp.

    We have to write to his oc to get a letter back giving permission and making sure he is covered to drive, carryout training etc. Needed for him to still be covered by the army's insurance.

    Although he has been helping for many years, about 3 years ago he had to do the CRB form.

    No dramas and his unit love it. They can tick the box for helping cadets.
  7. I am a Regular Serving Soldier and during a static posting in the Hampshire Area I joined the ACF as an instructor (SI), wore their Uniform, got paid etc, all I had to do was get permission from my CO as an outside employment application (which he supported), obviously I had to go through the normal vetting checks, I even had to attend the AI instructor training run by the County.
  8. Top Man ! we could with more like you :thumright:
  9. Absolutely! I couldn't agree more!

    As a Det Commander if a reg (or TA) wanted to come and help at my unit I would snap them up PDQ!
  10. Clear it with your CEO and should be ok i have many ex cadets and mates visiting when on leave and are only too happy to help out!
    One of those lads is RM he loves to help out as much as he can, i asked him once why do this when you do it as a job? he told me this is fun!
    I never asked any of them the same question!

  11. I found it most rewarding, however, due to Service Commitments I could not carry on (last 7 years overseas) but now I am coming to the end of my 22 years in the Army I will definatly be going back to one Cadet organisation or another.
  12. Gawd Bless ya.

    If only more regs could devote the time. It's great for the cadets yo be able to speak to and work with professional soldiers.

    I think it also raises the standard of the ACF Instructors.
  13. More than welcome at my Det matey!

  14. One of my Regular Cpl's has been working with the ACF since 1991 and loves it, he takes his own annual leave (as I did) to attend all Wiltshire County Camps.
  15. My old Cadet Coy are really anti towards squaddies coming to help out, despite being perrenially short staffed. I was told "thanks but no thanks" in no uncertain terms! I used to be a DC there ffs! Its nice to here most ACF units appreciate it. Id definatly consider volunteering with another unit at some point. Would I have to go through CRB again?