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Instructors Wanted for 15 Bde RTC Phase 1 Trg

I dropped recruits off at Ripon on Friday to be told, that 15 Bde want Instructors. The ideal candidate should be Inf Cap Badge, SCBC and SAA qualified.Although applications are invited from Other Arms as well.

The commitment is very high but if you want teach recruits this is a better opportunity than the old RRTTs. Your units may be moaning about the new Phase 1 system but Land says its here to stay.

Apply through your unit or direct to
15 (NE) Bde Regional Training Centre
Merlin Centre
Queen Elizabeth Barracks
YO32 5SW


Did they mention anything about a minimum commitment?
ours is 80days, be warned.

Saying that it's a blast, no radiator hugging, you know what you're doing & when, imense job satisfaction.

Don't know about purely inf instructors though, ours is inf heavy but there is a sprinkling of OA&S.

Do it, y'know you want to.
They have a lot of OA Instructors at the moment. More Inf Cap badges are required to even the balance.

You are correct the commitment is high. But you have the forecast for 12 months in advance so you can plan ahead. Every w/e is a Friday night start and theres no quick finish on a Sunday.


Preaching(?) to the choir, but even 12 months in advance things still go bits up.