Instructors Required for GI Jane days / Bushcraft / Basic infantry skills

Do you have a couple of spare weekends next year, do you like to teach or assist others?
If you have the availability and experience to help we would very much like to hear from you!

What do we require?
We are looking to build a training team to help provide training to our women in 2011.
We require instructors for our not for profit organisation to teach in:
Fieldcraft / Bushcraft / Basic infantry skills.

Why do we need it?
We work with other charity's and organisations and we hope to use the things we learn to help others:
We are looking to get a core group of our girls trained up to a standard where they can assist our training team and help other females who would gain from participating in outdoor activities.

The events and training we promote assist in our organisations aims.
Our organisation aims:
* To build confidence & self esteem.
* Team work.
* Promote fitness.
* Promote like minded females to participate in physical sports together.
* Communication.
* To help provide training for all types and all abilities.
* To help charities raise funds
* To assist with building a knowledge bank for each girl in outdoors training.

What can we offer you?
Insurance and Travel Expenses:
Because we are a not for profit organisation, the funds we raise will be used to cover our overheads such as equipment to run the events and currently we can provide expenses paid and insurance cover for the training team...your time will be voluntary but you will be using it to help others.
We are currently in the process of applying to government grants and funds to gain access to further funding to assist with this.
Instructing can be very rewarding especially when you are helping others learn for a good cause passing your knowledge and skills on to willing participants
We can offer you a chance to be part of a great organisation which helps women within the UK.
We have lots of support globally from our members and we have sister organisations starting up in Europe and America.

When and Where will you be required?
Two training weekenders will be put on in late spring and early autumn next year.
We run our organisation from private woodlands and also military bases within the UK.
We would like to hear from people interested from the following areas ( Wales / Salisbury / Surrey / Hampshire / Kent / Essex) although we will discuss things with you further if you are further afield.

If you would like to know more about what we do please see
If you would like to apply please email stating your name, location, relevant experience you feel may benefit us.

Many thanks


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This should be interesting Airsoft and women.

Two subject ARRSE loves but for different reasons.
This should be interesting Airsoft and women.

Two subject ARRSE loves but for different reasons.
Ok :) I am fully aware of the feelings on Airsoft and have pointed out what we do and in the past how my girls are not part of the wannabe walter paternity...thanks for the heads up sure readers will observe what our organisation is all about and make constructive comments.
NAG: Organisation for females - concentrating on the outdoors and how it can benefit people. Airsoft weapons are just what we use when we take a trip to an event and let some steam off or we need to raise funding by running our own events.

@ Ironrations - We are looking for either male or female instructors


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I can recommend the website - explains what they are all about.


Are the birds fit?
Blimey, if that's the offer, where do I sign up?
I think you may have to speak to muffin if your interested in the GHB
I can only offer what I have listed due to funding restrictions, but we do have a good future ahead of us as we are the only suppliers of its kind within the industry were linked to.
if anyone is genuinely interested and have questions you can always pm me for an informal chat or add our facebook profile NationalAirsoft Girls-profile | Facebook


If you ever make inroads North of the walls, I know a few folk who'd help out
I am an Joint Services Pillow Fighting Instructor.

Alas I am only allowed to take naked students, as I haven't been trained in the various H&S implications of wearing clothes... like buttons flying off and taking out an eye.

But I offer NAG my services any way.


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From what I hear, a lot of money changes hands at airsoft events. And the weaponry, ancillaries, gear, location hire and all that malarkey runs to quite a total. How exactly is N.A.G a

We work with other charity's (sic) and organisations and we hope to use the things we learn to help others
(registered) charity? Just interested...
sounds fun, if im free im up for it, what quals do we need to have?? or is it just subject matter knowledge??

i have AASAA
and a few others,
you'll just have to let me know dates and loc


go on, bet you call the lady students "beavers"...
pmsl at some of the responses :) just wanted to check that all interested have forwarded there cvs to my email
In response to the question about how we are set up as a not for profit. We are registered with companys house as a ltd by gaurentee social enterprise therefore all profits are reinvested to help the needs of them that need it most and the running of the organisation. All our records are accounted for with our accountant and we steer away from cash payments. We provide kit, equipment, travel, subsidised costs and training where others in the industry charge. We also dedicate our time and resources for free to assist any way we can.
Just need to point out at this time the instructors required our needed for a specific project developing on our not for profit side of things. a lot of the help we provide is hosting the training in an enviroment comftable for them but in the extream cases we need to go that extra mile ...of which the instructors will not be required to get involved in as this will be dealt with by trained professionals.
For example of one girls i have helped myself...she was a single mother after her husband left her for some other bint with 3 kids to look after, she was emotionally demolished and having to provide for these kids she started self harming and turned suicidal, with our help we got her the break away from her personal troubles and responsibilitys , got her to man up and taught her the strength and confidence she required to get herself back on track , she now is starting up her own womens martial arts group to help other women in her local area. Its with our ongoing support, training and guidence she has been able to do this.
I choose to use the skills i have helping others such as a couple of our lassys who have now gone on to or on path to joining the forces . Some that have gone on to further education and professional qualifications wheres before they may not of had the support at home to do so, or the role models to look to, to want more.
I hope this clarifys that what we do is required. our ultimate goal is to reduce overheads by the fees we pay currently renting land via third parties and setting up own on permant base to work from so we can put back in to the girls further.
. The proceeds we raised from our 2010 calendar has enabled us to continue running as a business through the financial climate which is dependent on people having spare income to attend the events we put on.
So if you feel you would like to get involved , weve had a great three years, now being recognised as the authorative in womens airsoft with branches in 4 other countries which is rapidly growing we would like to hear from you .
Also if you know of any urban or rural settings we could possibly use for nag hq please let us know.
Many thanks

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