Instructor under investigation

Discussion in 'Military Discipline' started by Lazarus135, Nov 22, 2012.

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  1. Is it correct that an instructor in a training establishment, under investigation for sexual assault charges remains in his post whilst the investigation is being carried out?

    Seems odd to me.
  2. Are you a victim, associated with a victim, or just another poxy journo?
  3. Depends how many of the platoon remain unfiddled. It's only fair he has the right to 'complete the set' before his courts martial.

    Which paper should I look out for my quote from a 'defence insider' in?

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  4. Is it correct that a trainee who is performing poorly should be able to make unsubstantiable claims of sexual assault against an instructor, and that they remain in training until the investigation is complete?
  5. This is just wrong.

    The civilised world envies our basic tenet of justice, in that people are presumed guilty unless proved innocent.

    PS kill yourself with fire, you chopper.
  6. Is it right that someone sniffing out a story goes onto an internet site with Rumour in it's name instead of checking official sources?
    Lazy bastard.
  7. What seems odd to me concerns the act of rape on a female; it is nigh on impossible to hump a dry vagina ergo all rape victims were gagging for it and extremely well juiced up.

    The defence rests it's case m'lud.
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  8. Yes, Sgt Smith. Origionally from the Womens Royal Auxillary Balloon Corps (Transport Contingent).