Instructor quals for basic fieldcraft lessons

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by usmarox, Apr 1, 2012.

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  1. Hi there,

    Can anyone tell me what (if any) the relevant quals are to teach this? To the best of my limited knowledge, they don't exist.

    As background, in an apparently vain attempt to do something about the dogfcuk that is Tuesday nights, I wrote up a modest training proposal. I've been fcuked off at the first hurdle on the basis we don't have the trained manpower, and I'm trying to work out if it's worth persevering or not.

    If anyone has an authoritative reference, it'd be gladly received.
  2. Depending on the fieldcraft lessons...
    Skill at Arms (yes...I know, but some of the fieldcraft lessons are actually SAA lessons!)
    Junior Brecon
    Senior Brecon
    M Qual
    BCCSI (Basic Close Combat Skills Instructor)
    That is if you are planning on teaching lessons as a fresh skill. If they are just revision lessons then... DITS is all you need. That and the relivant Pam of course.
  3. Wow. Neck well and truly wound in. Good point on the difference between teaching from scratch/revision thing. Never mind anything else, you wouldn't want to upset the RTC.

    So the next step is trying to get hold of the relevant pams and sort out what needs what. I look forward to that....
  4. But the next question is...

    What fieldcraft can you teach on a Tuesday night??? I am assuming that you dont have a private training area just to the rear of your TAC so you are very restricted in them.
    TEWTS on section attacks/platoon attacks.

    Get a Skilly to revise judging distance and fire control orders.

    Get a Brecon lad to revise PAWPERSO and PACESDO and SPOTOCA or the new one which for the life of me I cant remember.....Doh!

    As for the Pams...easy peasy lemon squeasy...go onto DII, seach for the Battle Box. It has all the Infantry Pams in there (Pam 2 is Fieldcraft), you can download it onto a service CD and then load it onto Restricted Sqn laptop to read as the requirement hits you. Same with ALL the PAMS. (Except Drill!!!) Or save them to your DII profile and look at them at need when you are prepping stuff at the TAC. I think TAFMIS may have them too.
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  5. We have a pretty big TAC. Cam and concealment's out, but with a bit of imagination and, God forbid, effort, almost everything else is possible.

    I'll get amongst the Battlebox Tuesday. I've got the PSI on-side, in principle at least, so I'll see if he'll help me sort through it.

    Thanks for the help,
  6. This is actually something I've brought up at my unit. We're a medical unit so the old infantry skills are a bit lacking. When we do any kind of field stuff it turns into a bit of a clusterfuck.

    I had asked if there was anyway we could do lessons on it to remind people of the basics and was told no as we had no instructors, I asked if there was a course I could go on to become one and was again told no.

    So considering your average nursey type does a bit of field craft at CMSR, is that all they're supposed to get the whole time they're in?
  7. Dear oh dear. It's all quite simple.

    Gun Group right or left, then bags of smoke & straight up the middle... Honestly, even the Infantry can understand so it's hardly difficult.
  8. One of the pams has all the initial fieldcraft lessons already in, why things are seen, music and movement at night, that sort of thing, they are already scripted for you, I cant remember the pam off the top of my head, have it written down somewhere, I'll dig it out.
  9. That would have been the old Pam 2, the new one is a whole different's also in colour
  10. Yes that was the one I was thinking of
  11. If your TAC has an ACF Det, you could ask if some of their SCIC trained Cadets could pop in...
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  12. quals for field craft, as long as your not teaching shit and nothing is going bang any monkey can do it.
  13. what is rtc??