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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by didahditdahdidah, Apr 5, 2005.

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  1. Having been on a course recently with other cap-badges, it seems that most other regiments' soldiers aspire to being instructors - to quote Top Gun "....the best of the best get the chance to come back and instruct".

    Its not surprising that there is so much slagging off that goes on about Blandford, why do we have so many people posted into instructor slots when they clearly have no inclination to be involved with the training cycle? With people wishing to instruct getting posted to the opposite end of the country?

    Where is our "Esprit de Corps"?
  2. Correct, other badges really push their NCOs to make the grade and go for the training slots as part of their career profile.

    We, as a Corps, are only really coming to terms with that fact - speak to the artillery or engineers to get proper feedback.

    The current and last SOINC are keen to redress the balance, but the sticking point is Blandford, and the je ne c'est quoi that goes with it.

    There are moves afoot at HQ, but with all of the RD shit that goes with it, one asks, why bother when you can go to a field unit?

    I think ultimately we are missing a trick, but it will take a long while before we latch onto it.................

  3. My God, a selection course! What makes you think that just because every other cap badge in the army does it and holds their instructors in very high regard, then we should too. Surely you understand by now that we simply know better than everyone else(!)?
  4. My God, a selection course! What makes you think that just because every other cap badge in the army does it and holds their instructors in very high regard, then we should too. Surely you understand by now that we simply know better than everyone else(!)?
  5. There you go living proof that our instructional techniques need a lot of improvement, we have to be told everything twice. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  6. Here we go the usual total misconception about Blandford.

    There are many very good Instructors at Blandford, they know the training cycle and are active within it, Ive been there gone down that path and seen the changes take place.

    I agree we need high calibre SNCO`s from the field to update training and they should only stay for 3 years to allow fresh ideas to continue to come in.

    Of course you will always have a few "welfare" postings and the odd "golfer" or "in my last few years" but that is not to say they would not do a good job while there.

    Concerned about promotion? Well open your eyes and check the board results. The School and 11 SR do very well but remember as a SNCO you are one of many (around 130 Sgts within RSS) so competition is extremely tough, believe me there is a pecking order ;) .

    Another falsehood is that no one deploys from Blandford. Again utter rubbish. Blandford has a high number of Soldiers often hand picked for Op Tours or to support high profile Op taskings within other AOR`s.

    As for a selection course. I do not see the need. Instructors should be volunteers and selected and recommended by the OC`s of field units.

    As for Blandford life. Well as Perm Staff its good. MQ`s aint up to much but OK. A cracking Mess and there is plenty to do around Dorset.
  7. Well, there you go, that traditional blind arrogance shines through again. Everyone else is doing it but we know better.

    I agree instructors should want to do it, but surely if there were a selection process then it stands that they would want to do that too. This would also help somewhat in giving them the feeling that they have been hand picked to do what is a valued job. Many don't feel this way at the moment. If you don't believe that then try asking one to be honest when he/she tells you what they think of it. Yes there are a lot of very good instructors at Blandford, but some could be better!

    I'll try not to repeat myself this time!
  8. Mr_Fingerz

    Mr_Fingerz LE Book Reviewer

    It should of course be three times....

    (tell them what you're going to tell them, tell them, and then tell them what you've told them)
  9. It was my observation that the RSigs did try to send good instructors out, certainly to outside orgs eg RLC trade centres and Trg Regts, and the stds set by Regt Insts at Elmpt are good. Obviously my only brief encounter with B*******d involved drinking and no trg.

    You should see our lot.... :lol:

    Strangely enough the Army School of Ammunition has some aura of a "Career Foul" hanging around. I would consider it to be an honour to be selected (if it were a selection and not an MCM "oh just send him there") to instruct. 8O

    Trg Regts/Depots (even soldiering) may be a bit beyond my frame!
  10. Well thats my smart arrse coment put back in its box.
  11. LOL, if only you had read my post instead of glossing over it. We actually agree!!

  12. Thank fcuk that you actually agree. After reading some of the threads on Sigs, I was kinda worried that an idea like this would be slated as much as Blandford is normally.

    I know that the school is trying to get it right, with things like the CFET course for instructors, induction course and now more recently the Phase 2 staff development course, but still today I drove into camp to see the fire picket getting taught by the RP's in how to set the nozzel so that the hose completely soaks the 4 members of the picket holding the b***ard thing.

    I think selection for permanent staff should be strict. Hell, wouldn't you hope that your 17 year old son or daughter was being trained by the best of the best????
  13. Seriously thinking about a posting to Blandford.

    If I go to 11 Sigs will I get to wear lightweights and a green shirt while the trainees walk around in CS95?

    Please someone tell me this isn't true........... :roll:
  14. No that would be silly. It's combat bottoms, green shirt and jumper :lol:
  15. CS 95 trousers with green shirts and jumpers from what I've seen