Instructor posting/FTRS?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Cavalier, Sep 30, 2009.

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  1. Anyone know of anyone who has gone full-time instruction at either an RTC or ATR?

    I really want to a) do an Op tour and b) spend time instructing.

    The thing is, I'm at the perfect rank to do both - it'll be harder to get involved full time at an ATR as a Sgt as no doubt this post will be filled by a regular counterpart (Tp Sgt).

    Ideally I'd want to instruct full time at Tp-level for a while, then sod off on an Op before even considering promotion to the Sgt's Mess (panel pending of course).

    I saw an FTRS posting for ATR Pirbright at the beginning of the year and foolishly I didn't chase it up, so I know that it's feasible.

    My CoC are aready looking in to the possibilities of both (tour and ATR) but I was wondering if any other TA members have already had the opportunity to post at a Training Centre.

    Point to note: I'm not a war-dodging, "good-conduct-medal-hunting", power-tripping moron; I actually have aspirations and intentions to go on Ops to do a job, and I think that I'd be best placed to go as a Cpl first time around.
  2. RTMC Chilwell used to have plenty of FTRS Instructors, although they tended to be Sgts.
  3. A mate of mine is FTRSing at Harrogate as a full screw, so there are places out there.
  4. Thanks guys.

    FFB, any idea how he approached the situation? I check the ROAL and OCE regularly - I remember seeing one posting (full screw) at ATR Pirbright but that's about it.
  5. Sorry I dont, however he does post on here so maybe he'll see it..... I'll give him until tonight then drop him a pm for you.

  6. Question

    As an instructor/Tp NCO or as an odd job driver type ?
  7. As a PTI so a wall bar!
  8. I thought OCE was now (by policy if not uniformly) SSgt and above ... A poster on here had been looking for a while and ended up completing the EPP and talking to Glasgow direct.
  9. The OCE currently has posts from PTE up. Admittedly, the lower in the food chain, the less posts.
  10. Not on FTRS anymore. There is just about a 100% moratorium on new FTRS posts for at least the rest of this financial year. The only ones I know that are still being processed are the WO2 Safety posts - dunno what the proper job title is.

    OCE posts - better chance.I suggest ringing OCE desk direct !