Instructor interview

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Usual format. Interviewers are usually the Commandant/Colonel the CEO/Major and the RSMI or CSMI, occasionally with the odd company commander for good measure.
You are asked the usual naff questions about yourself, and then on to the nitty gritty questions :)
Such like 'Why do you want to be an instructor?'
'What have you got that would benefit the ACF?'
and my old favourite f'@@king pointless random question:
'If accompanying Cadets on a coach where would you sit?' WTF!!!!!

all this quickly followed by a medical

dont worry on this one.
Can you breath- tick
can you walk- tick
can you use your arms in a manner resembling humanoid-tick


sorted medical passed.

Quickly followed by an issue of kit that remains in the bag you recieve it in for the entire career because its poo and doesnt fit :)

Hope that helped

AHHHH after that little rant i have just realised that i covered the bording phase aswell ooooppppps :(

Oh well interview is still the same though

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