Instructor at Blandford, HQ DCCIS CRB

To teach in the class room will i need a CRB or a Enhanced CRB?

Will I fail a Enhanced CRB for being arrested 6 years ago for a domestic dispute and being realsed without change or even a caution??
I would of thought that only charges/ official warnings would be recorded. Personally i cant see anyone failing a crb for a dated domestic. However, dont take my word as im usually wrong
You'll fill the paperwork out and get Enhanced CRB checked. At lease i did for our phase 2 establishment.
On a side note, was it an RMP arrest of civ pol? Because 6 years ago an arrest wont feature on your PNC record, however, it will be on the REDCAP check you also have to have done!!

Provided of course you really got no further action taken!!
Civ pol ... neighbours rang police me and wife both very drunk ... no futher action was taken just realsed when i was sober
Civ pol ... neighbours rang police me and wife both very drunk ... no futher action was taken just realsed when i was sober
Na, should be alright. You'll pass a CRB no dramas.

even though i was arresed they tried to force my wife to press chagers ( which she never, she was like i hit him he never did me) I was realsed and never heard from them again., But having a enhanced CRB kinda worried i'll fail as my arreset at the time my wife thinks ( due to both of us being very drunk is hard to remember) suspition on abuse. which it wasn't she made a statement that i never. very worried
If it went no further, it went no further.

I've got mates who have done some dodgy stuff and got CRB'd no dramas.

Dont be surprised when you get the form it has nothing on it!!
I know a lad who served 7 Days nick after the RMP had been called to a domestic at his house (Germany). He is now an instructor at a phase 2 establishment, therefore I don’t think you have too much to worry about (famous last words) =D=D
You just never know what civpol write about you though do you. as they harrased my wife for ages to press changes for abuse. We had to ask RMPs to ring them to ask them to leave it as nothing happened bar she gave me a good smack ( which i prob deserved) . We are still together and nothing has happened since that one time. no other dealings with the police
I'd be more worried about your standard of English.....


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Just fill in the CRB Form. If it shows up and stops you going to a Phase 2 Trg Unit, then tough, nothing you can do about it. Just change the direction of your career. It has happened and you can't change that, but you can live with the consequencies and make career choices accordingly. Stop worrying, it is not the end of the world.
Wouldnt worry about it. I just had my CRB check back this morning and it was clean. I was called in by the old bill last year after finding my misses with another bloke....which didnt go down well with me (he dropped ok though!), no charges by police or caution and nothing on my record.

Out of interest, the police issued me with a firearms license 1 month after the incident even with a domestic violence note against my name !! Think I might pop down to the taxi rank like Mr Moat.........
Will it help i was DV two years ago??
No, because it was two years ago.

Just fill the paperwork in, and send it off. There were no charges, and not even a caution, so the only record is in some random PC Plods notebook. Thus you should't have any come back. So stop flapping about something that's out of your hands anyway.

Though... with your seemingly high levels of paranoia, I'd be more worried about CDT. :p
they normally post you in "at risk" and then once you have completed CRB you are sorted, what are you teaching?
"at risk" is not normally done at all. It is the last ditch option, when the CRB has been applied for, but for some reason or another the whole process is dragging out. Speaking as someone who knew where and when he was going but due to CRB taking time AND tardiness at Glasgow was within 6 weeks of the LTA date when the Posting order was finally formalised.
oh damn it must have been just me then :) however it was a short notice move, as i also tried to sort out starting the CRB whilst at my previous unit. I then spoke to APC and they told they would post me in at risk until CRB came through.
as you are going to be in daily contact with the Phase 2's you will need to get the enhanced CRB clearance done, all they look for is convictions that might prevent you from working with them such as assault etc, arrests are not a problem.
I heard the other day that everyone going on Class 1 upgrader courses are to do CRB, as they get to supervise the Phase 1s. Isn't it great when litigation drives everything we do? Next we'll be doing risk assessments on the drill square.

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