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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by knocker77, May 11, 2006.

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  1. im after any info or tips on the IAW instructor assesment week,
    havnt done my jcc yet or dit only done bit, im doing the iaw first cause i have not been selected for fullsrew yet

    any help would be mega
  2. Good link KTTE however on futher rummaging I found this little gem (my bold)

    Single solders on completion of the Instruction course and permanent staff will be accommodated in Dawson Blk in 4 man room each.

    So you get to the dizzy heights of full screw (or acting) and end up in a 4 man room for 2 years 8O It used to be hard enough to fill instructor slots before, no wonder RE MCM are making people do it now.
  3. Perhaps a basic grasp of English grammer and spelling would help, in the first instance.

    FFS, if you are the future of the Instructor Troop, then it certainly is time to get out.

  4. somebody's tired............... 8O 8O 8O 8O.

    yes i agree with what you have said regarding the grasp of english, however with OUR time left in the army let the lad get on with it.

    i gave just been to gib bks & the majority of the lads there are either 9/59 trained but there are a few of the lads that still wear of proper beret.
  5. It's bloody hard phys wise, my mate was on his last year and said the equipment race was the most nails thing he had done. His noraml BPFA time is sub 9 minutes so you can get an idea!
  6. yeah heard that also one of the lads i know said the same, they chased the instructor around for around 12 mile carrying the log.

    no need :x :x :x :x

  7. Not tired mate, it just infuriates me to see that this is the future of our Corps, with use of the English language that would not go amiss in the Pioneer Corps.

    Ok perhaps i am. :):)

  8. A few mates of mine have ended up there, the concensus seems to be that they would not wish it on their worst enemy... that said horses for courses, you know where you'll be for 2 years! (even if it is babysitting).

    Also a lot of the blokes, most blokes get bunks, didn't know anyone at gib who ended in 4 mans rooms... that would be gash!
  9. Cheers for the help sparky you geek, i didnt realise all posts are to be to defence writing standard, get a life mate some of us come on here to get help/info, looking at your amount of posts it looks like this is what you do with your evenings and weekends. i bet you even sit in the no friends club (WRVS) and read your posts.
    :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:
  10. Your welcome for the help, however i do notice that you have managed to find your dictionary. I am lucky that i can sit with all my friends and the lovely lady from the WRVS, i even get free cups of tea. This is the best way to spend my weekends and evenings when everybody else has gone home to mummy.

    Regards, the geek boy.
  11. mate, the best thing to do is to avoid it like the plague. I had to do the bloody thing and got well and truly stiffed. I am now serving at bassingbourn, putting in 19 hour days. STAY WELL CLEAR. seriously this is shit mate. Too many people waiting to stab THE CORPS in the back. if you go on it you will definately go training reg. Seriously not a good idea
  12. Jaysus, thats a pretty rough opinion you have there, do all the instructors feel the same?

    I have spoken to a few bods who have toured there as instructors, heard some gripes, long hours, back stabbing between NCOs trying to make others look bad, in order to make themselves look better!

    I have not heard anyone condemn it as thoroughly as you have.

    I am not having a go just interested.

    :D (if I was having a go I would put it down to you missing your Diggers) :D
  13. So many would agree with your comments.

    Its because no one wanted to be an instructor that RE MCM had to change the way potential instructors were selected - which speaks volumes I think
  14. Got spammed as an instructor a couple of years back - 30 people were picked before me and everyone of them managed to get out of it.

    Long hours, loads of backstabbing, shafted by managment, bad duties (bog watch ffs!!) and billys who knew all their rights and did the bare minimum. Not that you can fail anyone without being treated like you have committed murder and a whole investigation about your bad teaching skills rather than them being thick as two short planks.

    Never want to go back to a Trg Regt again - rather gouge my eyes out with a red hot poker.