instructions needed (LCPL Stripe)

Discussion in 'Classified Ads' started by New Q, Feb 2, 2002.

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  1. It has become apparent that perhaphs we need instructions for the use of 1 and 2 stripes as I feel that many soldiers are given them without any idea what they are for (not just getting off stagging on the gate) the thought of man management and all that would frighten them off.
  2. y In many cases I think you are quite correct........but it is those above them who are failing. Are they ever told that they are crap?
  3. Sadly Tara those above do tell the JNCO's their failings only to be told I'm getting out anyway so why should I bother ! that being the case a JNCO who signs off with that attitude should be reduced in rank ?
  4. Nice thought but not allowed I suppose. I think I have said elsewhere though that people are to scared of upsetting people these days and in particular initiating officers and 2nd ROs on CRs. They are too often concerned that if they do not mark the guy to a grade which he will be happy with, he will redress. Well let these people redress so that another part of the system cn tell them where they went wrong. I remember not too many years ago, that getting a C Confidential was good and could even get you promoted. You give a C to someone these days and they schimpf and moan and redress. Too many people think they are better than they are and unfortunately the system and those in it, have perpetuated the situation. I have had many arguments with officers who have disregarded the opinions of the Sgts Mess members when grading guys and have marked them up. But at the end of the day, the officers have always argued that it is them and not the person making the recommendation who will be redressed. Morally wrong I believe and shows a lck of balls but less hassle than a redress I guess!
  5. Tara       Totally agree with you but I feel that on a MYA a bad NCO should (and is in my sqn) be told that they are pants and then if it continues then mention it on CR with copy of MYA dispatched with CR and redress ? works everytime !
  6. SSM, you must be a medic then!!

    Because i know exactly what you are talking about, 18 month private soldiers getting lance jacks after passing cmt1 course, but are worthless as jnco's, infact, worthless as medics too as they spend too much time trying to bed the new chicks and are in turn failing batls and barts, but then that is why csmr's have them stagging on the gate!!

    The Ramc should introduce a Jnco cadre, that would be a laugh!
  7. I know of private soldiers in the RAMC being promoted after 2 years, being downgraded, not completing a cft or bpfa since training, and getting a c3 confidential.

    shocking, but hey, they were female though, explains it all.
  8. What has being a female and getting promoted got to do with anything??,it really annoys me when blokes come out with total crap like that.Hell half the blokes i know didnt deserve to get promoted,but you dont see half the women going on about it do you??.Are you bitter for some reason

    You seem to have a serious gender problem major_roadworks :mad:
  9. I've never been able to take a female NCO seriously- I don't know why. I've thought about it many times, I do my best to treat them as I would a male counterpart but I think it must be psychological. I had better get some counselling....
  10. I’ve heard the phrase “they’ve earnt it they've been in five years” on a promotions conference. I remember when getting your first tape was a massive thing and you really had to earn it. 8 year ptes were common as muck but a lance jack promoted after 24 month was the next messier. Now 18 months is no big thing. No experience, no man management skill, and no real interest could describe a lot of them.
  11. Grumblin'  you need to change organisations and come to somewhere that actually recognises ability before promoting people.  By the way does a degree automatically mean you can wear the rank of Capt in the same amount of time that a JNCO takes to make Lance Jack? - Answers on a postcard.

    I also agree with SSM the MYA is a most appropriate tool, it allows commanders to tell the truth before CR time allowing individuals to sort themselves out (or not) and if necessary can be used to stiffen the spine when it comes to CR time in case of redress.  It also protects individuals from the cult of the personality when reporting officers change and the new bloke doesn't like you!
  12. Chargebag you’re absolutely right a grad can get to Captain in a pretty short space of time and although the money is probably good the experience is not there. I don’t agree with the system and with the exception of the money in reality everybody looses out. The junior officer is expected to go from a hopeless buffoon (2Lt) to a regimental advisor (Capt) in 3 years. Where is all the time to have some high jinx and get into trouble if all you are doing is worrying about getting a crap CR/OJAR. Extras and getting into hitch were the backbone of a lieutenant’s regimental life and important jobs such as looking after the Colonel’s chickens (under supervision) was just about all that was expected of a young gent. Now its do this job or do that job because it will look good on your CR. Stop promoting early and let the junior Ruperts have a bit of fun. You never know if they like it they might even stay.
  14. MMM! unless my pc is fcukd why would anyone give the person a tape
    ( other than masking) to put this in classified Ads forum?

    prtobably a roopert or snco minimum!! :D
  15. That would of course be 5 GSMRs recent attempt at the BATLS/BARTS course.