Instructions for wearing of uniform...

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by possforta, Jul 26, 2009.

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  1. So there used to be a publication all about this which was JSP 336, Volume 12, Pt 3, Pamphlet 13.
    This has apparently been taken over by JSP 886, Vol 6, Pt 5 - Clothing.
    But there are no instructions for wearing uniform in there as far as I can see.
    Anyone know where to get hold of the original, or where the equivalent instructions are hiding?
  2. Maybe Im just being stupid, but why would you need to be instructed on how to wear your uniform?

    Some units will still have copies of 336 knocking about, just make a few phone calls.
  3. I find "Right leg first." usually works for me. That gives me a firm base on my dominant side on which to balance, especially in the absence of something to lean on. A rapid right arm into the shirt/jacket allows you to quickly grab your weapon and slot the opposition while filling your left sleeve at your leisure.

    Happy to help! :D
  4. You've missed out the hardest part!

    Making sure you get the correct boot on the correct foot can often be a drama. A good method is to write a big R and a big L on the inside of the leather, although this can fail if you forget which is left and which is left.

    The same problem can be had with gloves, although this can be fixed with a fail safe method, which is stiching paracord attaching the correct sleeve with the correct glove... though be sure you get it right the first time.

    Glad to help :D
  5. Instructions for wearing uniform..

    1) Ensure said uniform is clean and ironed

    2) Put uniform on (ie, wear it like normal clothes)

    3) Have pride in the fact you are eligable to wear said uniform

    4) Enjoy the fact you have the best set of clothes you will ever wear on your body.

  6. Sorry? Ginger Drinking Suit?
  7. Moving away from the p*sstaking, check out your Corps/ Regt Regs, and have a quiet word with the font of all knowledge - the RSM.
  8. Comedians....
  9. You started it............. :)
  10. I thought it was the Germans in 1939? :wink:
  11. i mentioned it once but i think i got away with it.................................
  12. What regt or corps are you?
  13. Why not ask a grown-up?
  14. One leg at a time? All the best-dressed people do both together.
  15. To wear it properley, your neck has to be at the back of your collar.

    Your boots should only be walked on heel first. IE Get on your shagging heel you muppet.

    There are also moments when you have to whip your arm across the front of your body, 'like you are knocking wasps off your jam encrusted bellend'

    Hope this helps. :D