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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by devilish, Nov 1, 2007.

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  1. Quick question that I hope someone can answer,

    Does anyone know what the average daily rate for a civvie Instructional Officer based in Blandford would be? Teaching Bowman amongst other things.

    I think I may have under-sold myself. 8O
  2. All depends on the board that interviews you. Band D IO starting wage is around 16-21k (or was 2 yrs ago). The board may take any service pensions into account too, and you can negotiate to a degree. That means two guys doing exactly the same job at exactly the same starting time, one may be earning as much as a couple of grand less than the other.
  3. Thanks for the info. 16-21k isn't very good money at all, considering I'd be away from home and paying for digs. Do they provide accom. for married unacompanied in the Sgt mess?

    I was looking for £180 a day and still think I under-sold myself!

    I'm currently on 23k a year on a 4 1/2 day week. With TA on top of that it's nearer 30k a year.
  4. If you will be employed as a basic Instructional Officer as a Civil Servant you will be on Band D I believe - which pays approximately £17k which is the bottom line of the Pay Band. With more relevant experience you could go in on a higher level within that pay structure, which, obviously would mean more money.

    I'm not sure if you're looking at Senior Instructional Officer, it will be either a C2 or a C1 - with the pay approximately £21k to £25k.

    I don't have the latest pay figures, but I'm sure with some more research I could narrow it down for you. As I said above, I've added the caveat 'approximately', therefore no abuse from the wider audience please. :)

    If you are a civilian being employed, sorry Devilish I'm not aware of your background, it is highly unlikely you will be offered accommodation in the WOs & Sgts Mess and quite honestly you will be better off in digs! :roll:

    Hope that helps!

    Wishful :)
  5. If you get the job
    Well done!
    I can see the camp from my office so you can buy me a drink.
  6. Thanks again for the info. I think I'll be knocking the offer back if those pay rates are even nearly accurate. The guy I spoke to mentioned a pay rate of £135-145 daily rate based on a 6 month contract, I told him nothing less than £180 due to having to find a B+B for 6 months, I'd be forking out about £180-200 a week for that alone.
  7. I was in a similar situation when I started. Managed to get a room in the officers mess until I sorted my self out. Don't think there are any rulings on this, but you might get lucky.

    (the word 'lucky' is used in its broadest meaning and is in no way a reflection of standards of mess accommodation) ;)
  8. Doubtful I'll take it OB, but If I'm down that way I'll give you a shout, beers on me. :D
  9. Please let it be known to one and all if they wish to waste good money buying drinks for a tramp
    Im yer man
  10. And you'll probably be asked to relocate to St Athan in the future.
  11. Best thing about being on your T1 is earning twice as much as your instructor 8)

    The money's shite, that's why they have so many absolute fecking noshers working there.
  12. There's only one answer to your question Dev,

    Why are there so many vacancies.

    At least 10 IO's left in last year
  13. The guy you spoke to has got nothing to do with the IO fraternity - he represents an agency who would be contracting to fill a gap for a 6 month period - CONTRACT WORK! (wonder what his cut would be?)

    The starting pay for IOs is 19-22k dependant on your experience, knowledge & expertise, but you also receive a 3k retention bonus. (so if you're any good you will receive 25k)

    Pay now not all that bad is it?
  14. Wouldn't get out of bed for it. Especially not as a civvie.