Instruction on new Rank Slides. Direction to be given to parent units.

Sirs, all

As directed by the CD CSS (Corps instructions are currently being rewritten), the following rank slides are to be introduced for all non REME personnel. This is due to the fact that facial recognition; stable belts, TRF’s, a unique cap badge, and good looking chaps in coveralls with spanners are not enough to easily identify REME tradesmen.

Unfortunately due to the tight purse strings of the Wksp, can I ask all Garrison members to purchase the appropriate Rank Slide.( Please see below).

I must stress they only need to be worn for CIC HRH Phil the Greek, CD CSS, MGREME, CRÈME, BEME and WEME visits. Not to mention The WORM.....
The cost is a mere £5.99 (£2.50 p+p if required), I appreciate in this time of austerity it is difficult for all, but we, as a Wksp, are truly grateful.

Kind Regards.


Been in work for hours me. Longer than it took to attatch the rank slide picture to the post- and that took me ages........
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