Instructing with Air Cadets (ATC) aswell as TA?

Currently thinking about doing other things on evenings to get out of the life pattern I'm in.

So are their any rules that would stop me from helping the local ATC? I was ATC before I joined TA and I'm good at many subjects they teach. I understand they don't do weekends so their is no clash with the TA on that respect.
There should be no problem; you can get attached as a service instructor. My other half is an instructor with them so I got roped in too, you just need permission from your CO (at least, that's what happened with me, but I'm classed as regular, so I don't know how that may differ for TA).
If you need any contacts etc let me know and I'll ask about for you.
The cadets do weekends, but these aren't as frequent as TA, though that will depend which squadron you join and how much you want to be involved - they usually are for sports or adventure training.
I'm sure they'll be very glad to have you - good luck!
You can be a Civilian Instructor or Adult SNCO while a member of the TA as neither post is classed as military,you can't hold a VRT commission .While at camp you use the ATC rank which entitles you to use the Sgts Mess but ONLY when you are on ATC duty. Go along to your local sqn all the regs are in ACP20A you will need your COs permission but there shouldn't be any other problems.
I'm army and we have an attached RAF LAC. Also known army attached to SCC, so I guess its any service!
As a service instructor, you'd tip up in your army uniform and be known by the rank you already hold. I suppose it's like being a CI but in uniform.
polar said:
So service instructor can be any service?
Yes,but being TA you may be better going as CI or ASNCO as you would be with the rest of the non commissioned staff on camps etc where if you went as a service helper you would, depending on your rank, be in the JRM and staying in the airmens accomodation.
Polar, don't do it mate. Cadets smell, chain smoke, do drugs and endulge in bizarre sexual habits that sometimes involve animals.

Take up stamp collecting, golf, fishing or even dogging. Give up this uniform fetish thing that you have.
Outstanding said:
When I read the title of this thread - I got completely the wrong idea. Thank goodness I was wrong!
Me too, Outstanding! I was about to suggest that the post should go in the NAAFI!

brucewillis said:
Polar, don't do it mate. Cadets smell, chain smoke, do drugs and endulge in bizarre sexual habits that sometimes involve animals.
Does that just apply to ACF, have worked with them on a few occassions and seemed a bunch of chavs. ATC seemed far better behaved (home made fireworks and playing replica AK47 seemed to be the worse things they did).

p.s. Also changed title of thread :D

p.p.s. The ATC is in an inner city area (with no local ACF). So may have a number of chavs and potential suicide bombers
I work with the ACF in addition to my TA work. The best instructors in the cadets are serving or ex reg or TA.The inner city cadet forces in general do contain lots of chavs but there is still a lot of good kids. Personally I found it more fun to work with a cadet unit outside a city as retention is a lot better and the kids are well behaved and really want to learn. As a member of the TA and helping out in the ACF you will retain your rank and just have CRB Enhanced check.


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FWIW, hats off to the guys brave enough to work with Cadets 'cos of all the stick they get.

My lad is a very keen Air Cadet and really enjoys doing the green skills bit with them ( bloody Browndown Camp -Jings) rather than just making balsa wood gliders and Crab air stuff.

He's picked up a lot of basic skills which will give him a head start should he ever bite the bullet and join up. ( wants to be an Air God)

His unit regularly parades with the local Army Cadets and I have to say that the ATC drill and bearing put the ACF lads to shame - which is a shame - and yes, the Army cadets do come across as a right shower!

When serving TA I contemplated becoming an instructor. If you have good current mil skills - why not ?

( mind you Polar - what with TA and Cadet weekends, when you going to have time for a life ? :D )

Keep us posted and good luck.

Le Chevre

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