Discussion in 'REME' started by Rockstar, Jan 13, 2008.

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  1. I'm hoping someone may be able to offer some advice -

    I am looking at organising an "Institution Fair" for an "Engineering Development" project I've taken on.

    What I'd like to be is invite representatives from two or three institutes to speak to the LAD on what they can offer. I myself don't yet belong to one, but am looking at IRTE to become ieng. (hope that made sense!)

    I would like to know which institutes I should be looking at. My target audience is anyone from Cfn to Sgt, VM, Tech and Gunfitter/Armr.
  2. The Institution of Engineering and Technology would be well worth contacting. They have evolved from the Institution of Electrical Engineers, but now have a much wider remit from a range of engineering disciplines, and also at more varied levels. Their website is
  3. Thats what I was going to suggest... but it looked a serious post, so I didn't
  4. Invite the wife.......marriage is an institution..........not unlike Broadmaoor
  5. Invite Halfords along with the discount cards. why not? captive audience, kill an hour!!
  6. SOE is a good choice, as they cater for Armourers / Art Wpns too, not just VMs.
    What about institutions that cater for techs too?

    Just a thought
  7. Once again, Nige is talking sense.

    You could also give SO2 PD at DEME(A) a call, he might be able to advise and is usually very help.
  8. Would have to agree with IET.

    I am a member myself, and without being biased, very worthwhile institution
  9. Tried it in the past but didn't get the backing from the top brass. Hopefully we have moved on now and the recognition of membership is widely respected. Its also handy being a member when you rap your hand and cross to the other side. Best of luck!!
  10. Thanks to all for the advice and help. I am currently looking at the SOE, IET and I Mech E (the last one because my OC told me to...).

    I believe these should cover all trades (within my unit); VM, Armr and Tech.
  11. Don't forget your Rec Mech's.
    Institute of Vehicle Recovery, worthwhile for the forgotten ones.
  12. Sorry to drag up an old thread...

    Have contacted the IET, decided to become a member myself and am now awaiting the response to my application. Whatever happens, I am hoping to invite a rep to my unit in due course to sell the IET.

    Does anyone have any contacts for the SOE guys in Germany? Please PM me if you do.

    Grumpy1, are you a member of the IVR? If so, could you PM me?
  13. Why not try the CMI? Although not a technical organisation they are recognised as THE management institute. My experience of them says that they are very HM Forces friendly.