I'm hoping someone may be able to offer some advice -

I am looking at organising an "Institution Fair" for an "Engineering Development" project I've taken on.

What I'd like to be is invite representatives from two or three institutes to speak to the LAD on what they can offer. I myself don't yet belong to one, but am looking at IRTE to become ieng. (hope that made sense!)

I would like to know which institutes I should be looking at. My target audience is anyone from Cfn to Sgt, VM, Tech and Gunfitter/Armr.
The Institution of Engineering and Technology would be well worth contacting. They have evolved from the Institution of Electrical Engineers, but now have a much wider remit from a range of engineering disciplines, and also at more varied levels. Their website is
SOE is a good choice, as they cater for Armourers / Art Wpns too, not just VMs.
What about institutions that cater for techs too?

Just a thought
Once again, Nige is talking sense.

You could also give SO2 PD at DEME(A) a call, he might be able to advise and is usually very help.
Would have to agree with IET.

I am a member myself, and without being biased, very worthwhile institution
Tried it in the past but didn't get the backing from the top brass. Hopefully we have moved on now and the recognition of membership is widely respected. Its also handy being a member when you rap your hand and cross to the other side. Best of luck!!
Thanks to all for the advice and help. I am currently looking at the SOE, IET and I Mech E (the last one because my OC told me to...).

I believe these should cover all trades (within my unit); VM, Armr and Tech.
Don't forget your Rec Mech's.
Institute of Vehicle Recovery, worthwhile for the forgotten ones.
Sorry to drag up an old thread...

Have contacted the IET, decided to become a member myself and am now awaiting the response to my application. Whatever happens, I am hoping to invite a rep to my unit in due course to sell the IET.

Does anyone have any contacts for the SOE guys in Germany? Please PM me if you do.

Grumpy1, are you a member of the IVR? If so, could you PM me?
Rockstar - you've ripped the wind from my sails.

While your there, pse get someone to put it into billy basics to why I should join one of these institutes?

I've never seen the point of paying some astronomical annual fee for a magazine I'm going to skim read, then later dump in the section office whilst no one's looking.

I can fully appreciate when my time is up, they might assist me into a 'career' in the motor / management industry, and will therefore look full heartedly in my last few years.

Seriously, other than for the prestige of a few letters. Can anyone actually say they've reaped many benifits?

ILM - Institute of Leadership & Management - get a nice Postgraduate Diploma from those guys (Good Monthly Mag)

CQI - Chartered Quality Institute - nice certificate (Great Monthly Mag)

APM - Association for Project Management

IIRSM - International Institute of Risk and Safety Management

Already mentioned:


You will be utterly astounded by the number of job adverts which stipulate you must be a member of a professional institute. Was also asked on interview several times too.

It is also a 'vocational' way of upgrading your qualifications in light of your hands-on experience in order to keep tabs with those 'young gentlemen' who attended university.

I was one who didn't think much to professional accreditation while I was in but try getting IEng after you stepped off - it's hardly easy.

It all depends on what you want to do later on in life - I know it was a question on Comd ES Commissioning Interview (if that's the way you are heading).

Agreed at about 100 quid a year per institute it aint cheap - the mags are a fountain of information - I went for a job at a Green Power Company - Wind Turbines etc. Didn't know shoite about the industry but it just so happened in a back issue of the ILM mag there was a very good article about the industry - complete with tech details - Result: Aced the interview, got offered the job - turned it down to go overseas.
Good advise. However, that all equates to me .....a squillion pounds per year in subscriptions, letters on my correspondance (of which nobody but the industry recognises) and a letterbox full of junk mail.

I'm sure we're been taken for a ride by some of these institutes.

Or maybe I'm bitter for having joined one other non-industry type that the army advocated. Not to mention the name, but it claimed to 'advance' my driving skills and reduce my insurance. After 5 years I've yet to get a quote of them that tesco couldn't halve, not to mention the rediculous magazines offering me cosey slippers and stay-press trousers.

Certainly the best institute for 'advancing members'.

Any other benifits / significant savings ??
Got a letter through the post from the IET asking me to fill in a survey as the Engineering Council are looking at changing the title IEng to something else as it is not understood. With all the institutes mentioned on this thread it is slightly concerning. Anyway I'm off to advertise my new company specialising in personalised stationary for engineers.

"For every winner there is always a loser"

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