Institutionalisation, myth or fact

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by PANZER_SOLDAT, May 13, 2008.

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  1. Guten Abend,

    As my partner of over 5 years has recently done one and taken our kids at present (house and cars to follow, WAIT OUT) and squarely blamed me for being institutionalised as the main reason, I was wondering what you good people of ARRSE think of yourselves, are you institutionalised or merely sane in a mad, mad world?

    Please no tears or gnashing of teeth/beating of breast for me, i really am not worth it (apparently!)
  2. Is she also doing one because your putting threads in the wrong forum?
  3. I reckon that I am institutionalised. The chaos and seeming apathy of civilian life drives me crackers. People throwing rubbish away willy-nilly, standing in and in front of doors, their inability to walk in a sensible way etc. etc. My agitation at possibly being late, saying what I mean and hearing people waffle etc. etc.

    Guess I have had my brain programmed differently to the majority of the population. Therefore I think I am institutionalised.
  4. Ah Bollix, can i change it or does a MOD have to do it?
  5. One example of my state of mind, is her Grandmothers Funeral. I was asked at the last minute if my dark coloured car could be used as part of the Cortege. Because I spent the best part of 4 hours cleaning it (it wasn't brand new and the kids used it as a bin, it was her car) she said she 'needed' me. I was more concerned about rocking up in a shit hole of a car as part of her Grandmothers last journey.
  6. I think I am institutionalised in an athletic and energetic way

    There you go mate, right furom now :D
  7. I should probably be in some kind of caring institution, with rubber walls.
  8. Cheers for that caarps, you're a godsend !
  9. Phanthom, that is what she means, thinks i'm not right. As an added question, does anyone suffer from road rage, not little incidents, but if a car nearly hit you, do you see it fair play to get out and educate aforementioned w@nker?
  10. I'm not institutionalised, I just have higher standards than your average civvy.

    As for the car, I would have made sure it was presentable as well, she seems to be the one with the problem. I say again, I am NOT instiutionalised - out

    Edited to add: house, kids,'re lucky, when mine buggered off she took my best mate and the dog too!
  11. Seems I should just 'relax' and let things take their course, don't get wound up with sloppy driving/drills etc. What is the way forward? Be a man of principle and be different to society in general, or just hunker down with the rest of them and live peacefully?
  12. No problems mate, and no you are not institutionalised (god that’s a handful). We just have higher standards and morals than the civvie c*nts

    My aim is to retire straight into the Chelsea pensioners then I will never have to be one of them (weak plan I know, but it’s the only one I have got :D :D )
  13. I have thought of doing that too (seriously) which is why I am wondering if I really am institutionalised. The Damn place would run a lot better (country/world) if it was run on a military basis. I know that may offend some people, but hey, things are not running smooth in the liberal way that things are being run at the moment.
  14. I was travelling through the port of Dover last Sunday and everything was a complete cluster, from passport control to queuing to loading the boat.

    I was sat there (grinding my teeth) moaning about how if it was the military in charge everything would be so more controlled and orderly over & over. Missus told me to shut up in the end
  15. [quote="CAARPS].... the civvie c*nts..... I will never have to be one of them [/quote]

    Been out almost 9 years and I'm still not "one of them", I'm an Ex squddie and always will be