Institutional Cowardice

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Joker, Oct 10, 2004.

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  1. I have been led to believe that there is a report in the Mail on Sunday (10 Oct 2004) that reports on a SPAM Officer accusing the British Army of Institutional Cowardice. Before my blood boils, has anybody seen this report?
  2. Just did an online search of the Mail on Sunday and The Sunday Mail, can't find it. Also tried to Google British Army of Institutional Cowardice and came back with nothing related.
  3. Yes I can confirm it

    Page 9 Mail on Sunday..............Piece written by Jonathon Oliver

    I will attempt to scan it and post :evil: :evil:

    Edited at 20.40...............Complete computer Biffness has prevented me from doing the above. :roll:
  4. Is it on the net anywhere, i've been looking.
    Work with a load of SPAMS so if its true, then i'll be gettin my boxing gloves on!!
  5. After reading it I am spiting feathers and none of them are white.
    Lets pull all our troops home give them some R&R and then ask for volunteers to go and take back the americas.
    Us cowards!! them with a president who never worked so hard as when he was keeping himself out of Vietnam.

    pots and black comes to mind.

    Tony get us out of this pact with the devil NOW
  6. Well, what does it say?
  7. Basically the Spams have a difference of opinion with our Gen McColl about how we ought to handle 'fings darn souf'....................I would have typed the whole thing out but....................... 8) They reckon we are too 'Risk Averse' and they would not wish to blow up balloons for a British 'Didn't we do well party' :wink: A succinct review I'm sure you'll agree.
  8. Just because the americans have experience in 'war fighting' that suits their heavy handed aproach to things you must not forget that many of the wars they have experience in started out as support or limited engagements that got out of hand.

    If they refuse to accept that the british have much more experience in limited or police action, and confuse the softly softly touch for cowardice, I'm all for leaving them to it.

    If a country like the USA has a population that only 17% own passports and as such have very limited experience of the world, then they should at least take a little advice from the country that used to own most of it huh?
  9. The Mail on Sunday has learned that senior American officers have expressed fury at the softly-softly tactics of British forces. Yesterday a British military source revealed how the US had complained that the British tactics were too"risk averse". He added the "the Americans have lost hundreds of men in bloody fighting. They have accused us of allowing terrorists to create no-go areas in southern Iraq. It has become very acrimoious-they have even been heard to say we suffer from institutionalised cowardice"
  10. We could always point out that it was their institutional stupidity that got us involved in this bloody mess to start with.Did anyone see the Vietnam documentry earlier this week, the dum muppet fluffers are making exactly the same mistakes again.
  11. Sad thread this one. Unfortunate that rash comments from both factions can only serve to further the cause of the thugs the alliance is operating against.

    US Army and Marine Corps personnel I had the opportunity to meet on their return from Iraq had nothing but praise for their British contemporaries. I think expressing anti American armed forces sentiment is as counter-productive as the American comment, reported in The Mail, condemning the Brits.

    There appears to be frustration among the upper echelons in both camps regarding the manner in which the other is conducting the war in Iraq. I recall being extremely angry and frustrated in pre Motorman West Belfast in the early 1970s when short sighted policies created No-Go areas that afforded safe havens for PIRA/INLA. We directed our angst at the politicians who created the situation. Perhaps that's what is happening here.

    All I know is that the vast majority of Americans whole heartedly support the troops American AND British engaged in operations in Iraq and Afghanistan (just ask the members of 1KOSB Pipes and Drums who recently completed a series of engagements in California and Colorado). I too hold them all in extremely high regard.
  12. "no go areas" What, like Fallujah, Abu Ghraibh, Sadr City, Mahmoudiyah, Latiqiyah, An Hillah and Haifa St.? What a great success the yanks have had with their heroic tactics!
  13. 307

    307 War Hero

    The Yanks say we've lost 100s of troops like it's a badge of honour. Yeah, you lost them because you don't know how to conduct yourself in a situation like this. We have the experience at internal security, admittedly this is a hell of a lot different to NI, but still, I'd say we have the upper hand. Insitutionalised cowardice in Yank terms means we don't roll up on to a riot in Basra with Challenger & Warrior, blowing peoples homes & cities to bits doesn't win hearts & minds, the Yanks seem to have missed that lesson. When something needs doing, we do it surgically. I think this sums it up, our lads in Iraq are a scalpel, precise, quick & sharp. TheYanks are more like a hammer, powerful but blunt & clumsy.
  14. Threads like this should be recorded somewhere. Just waiting for the time someone tries to make a film about GWII whereby brave and heroic US forces prevail against evil Muslim hordes despite the foolhardy and universally plummy and cowardly British.

    Looking some of the past films I'd not be surprised if they painted Abu Gharaib as run by Sadistic Brit officers a la "The Patriot".

  15. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    I wonder where precision bombing of wedding parties sits in the 'institutional cowardice' league?