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Institute of Royal Engineers?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by Gundulph, May 21, 2007.

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  1. Anyone a Member of the Institute? what are the Pro's and Cons of Membership?
  2. You get MInstRE after your name for 20 quid a year, probably one of the cheapest options to get post-nominals, which are nice for your ego if you like that kind of thing!!

    I think you need to have been a WO2 upwards to qualify?
  3. 40 pounds a year and I believe from this year Lcpl and above is the Membership Criteria?
  4. So the membership is being increased and the price is doubling. Shiny copy of the old backstabbers and post nominals aside, can anyone enlighten us as to what you get for your money? where does it go?
  6. Well, for 40 quid you get the journal 3-4 times a year, with supplements. Also a snazzy CD/DVD thingy with the History of the Corps on it, also you need it to qualify for the Senior Awards Scheme (LCGI,GCGI) - I think also this year when Cpls and above will be able to qualify for the Engineering Technician Qualification (CPD, REVETT rolling it out soon?) the membership may also be a criteria, (You get the quals free as long as you pay 40 to the institution).

    Not bad for the following post noms: MinstRE, LCGI,GCGI,EngTech.
  7. Are you a Member Heinz-57 MInstRE?
  8. yes Gundulph I am a member - joined so I could qualify for the GCGI.
  9. All Royal Engineers Soldiers from LCpl upwards can now apply for EngTech status if they've reached the required criteria - all info can be found on the news page of the RE CPD website
  10. Seems an interesting contribution to regimental pride and awareness.

    Do you get any other freebies? :D
  11. Before I left I submitted my application to my CO, the arse didnt sign it as he couldn't see how HIS institute could possibly benefit.

    If any one wants the original work to the so called 'Ogden Paper' I can provide I put it in via COC and next thing it is pulled and someone else gets the glory, although in fairness it was Ian Ogden who made me realise you couldnt just beat up Sappers anymore you had to develop them.

    Do not underestimate the Eng Tech, I Eng benefits, they will get you a job ahead of others who will in all honesty be better qualified and more experienced. But whether it is at the six year or twenty two year point, you will all need something to get your foot in the door
  12. How does this help? The qualifications state "Have IEng or a full L5 qualification or membership of a relevant professional body (not Inst RE)

    My bold, but not my brackets.
  13. How does this help? The qualifications state "Have IEng or a full L5 qualification or membership of a relevant professional body (not Inst RE)

    My bold, but not my brackets.[/quot

    Seem to remember that I was asked to join the Institute of RE to claim free (Inst pays the £80 certificate fee) LCGI/GCGI award. The paperwork I had to forward was incomplete unless I had a copy of my Institiute of RE document.