Institute of Advanced Motorists Test

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by the_matelot, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. I've decided I need a new hobby to occupy myself and I've always fancied doing the IAM Test mainly due to the supposed reduced car insurance costs.

    Has anyone done it? If so, how long did it take you?

    Was it worth it or is it a complete waste of time and £99 (and the ongoing annual membership fees)?
  2. By all means do it but don't tell them that you're only doing it for the cheaper insurance because they will get rather arrsey with you if you do. Speaking as an IAM member it is best to tell them that you have realised your skills aren't particularly good and that you want to improve them.

    As an aside, techinically speaking if you really want to be the bees-knees at motoring, you should actually go for the ROSPA driving test.

    ROSPA = Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents

    They will pass you at either bronze, silver or gold level and if you get gold then that is the highest award you can get for civilian driving in the UK. Also, you may be able to get army encouragment for such an activity.

    Good luck!
  3. Sentinel,

    Cheers for that-I'm going to do the IAM test and then have a crack at the ROSPA test and see how I get on.

    I bloody well doubt that considering I'm in the RN :D
  4. I went for an assesment with an IAM instuctor a few years ago, solely with the intention of getting 10% off my insurance. I came away from the experience happy to pay the extra. I could not think of a bigger waste of my time than spending my sunday mornings driving around with a safety obsessed geography teacher nagging me about my failure to look in my blindspot every .05 of a second.
    I'm not even sure that the 10% discount is relevant in today's more competetive insurance market.
  5. It may get you a cut in your insurance costs (which is as good a reason as there is), but the role of the IAM is to brainwash you into being a PC driver. "Real" advanced driving involves a great deal of very loud abuse directed at the fools using what should be your road space, and I'm afraid they get the frittery fluttery conniptions when you do that.
    I'd rather pay the extra and shout.
  6. Spanish_Dave

    Spanish_Dave LE Good Egg (charities)

    You may find that you qualify by trade, as a QTO/DDE I did and just had to pay for the certificates, sad I know 8)
  7. Get hold of the Police advanced driving manual -

    The System of Car Control:

    ........ and all that.

    May help.
  8. Left hand down a bit....
  9. Take it, for no other reason than it'll make you a better driver.
  10. How much does this course cost?
  11. The only people with the IAM licence that I've ever met have been awful drivers. The sort who clutch the wheel with both hands religiously, use the handbrake at every possible opportunity, start to act on 'green' and cause multiple strokes among the rest of the drivers, cyclists and pedestrians in the country. They are the cause of most of the delays on the roads, next to the cretinous women drivers and gawpers-at-clever-advertisements. They should all be lined up on a double-yellow and shot.
  12. I did a try out with the IAM a few years ago and was somewhat unimpressed. It was too much blind adherance to the rules.

    I have recently started with the ROADR (ROSPA Advanced Drivers and Riders) and they seem much more professional.

    Get yourself a copy or 'roadcraft' as mentioned above.
  13. When I did it it was £80,


    It cost more for the bike test as you "contribute" £10 to the instructors petrol cost.
  14. You can also pick up a IAM through the following courses:
    Regimental Staff Car course
    Staff Car course
    DDI as well, however, I don't know if you can still qualify with the new DLAI.
  15. You are quite right, I did the test and was amazed at the difference between the car and bike test. The bike test was all about interpretation of the road, the car test was pure highway code.