Instinct or Courage

We have all been in or heard of situations where some one risks themselves to assist/save another, or not !! in the case of the community support officers who would not go in the water ,having not been trained to do so.

But yesterday an event took place which got me to thinking, do we have a built in instinct to put ourselves in danger to help some one else?

A relative of my wife is visiting , two girls and junior a boy aged 2, junior managed to escape from a decking and wander down to a pond on the caravan park, concrete structure ,sloping sides into about 3- 4 feet of smelly water, sods law he went in and under, before any adult could react, Sarah aged 8 went in and under after him and managed to somehow get him to the surface, he was a goner. Happy ending both pretty shook up and very smelly

Once she had a hot shower and loadsa love , Sarah calmed down , my wife (still shaking) asked her if she had been frightened or afraid to jump in , Sarah said " i dont remember, i just did it "

Where does that come from ??
Definately instinct, how many times have we had reports of people trying to rescue dogs from water only to drown but the dog survives
Before joining up I was on the way home from work with a mate walking through the town centre, it was on the Yorks/Lancs border, very high up and prone to strong winds. As we passed C&A's in the town centre a strong gust of wind blew some step ladders over that were standing against the C&A building. My mate saw that the ladder would have hit an elderly lady and I am sure the impact would have killed her. Instinctively he ran out in front of her and caught the ladder just before it hit her. Afterwards in a pub I asked him how he managed to react so quickly and he just shrugged and said "Dunno, didn't think about it really, just lucky I suppose". Classic case of instinct in my opinion.
Without knowing anything about her upbringing, it's difficult to say. What makes anybody the individual they are? There is little doubt that genetics contributes something to one's personality, but 'environment' plays a large part as well.
the wonders of an adrenalin rush


its quite possibly the reason why recipients suffer with guilt after being presented with gallantry awards! there is no definate thought process where you conduct a mini risk assessment in your head! instead they just react

its a fasinating subject as no one knows how another will react! shy reclusive people carrying out amazing actions without thought
I remember vaguely reading about the "greatest VC ever" as a young lad. I don't remember the person (possibly an RE) but he had to swim across a river and do something under the enemy's nose. What made it the greatest VC ever was that the officer decided that his best chance was in the morning when the current would be more manageable. He then spent the whole night knowing he was going to be on a virtual suicide mission the next day but still went ahead with it.
Your little girl sounds like she's made of the right stuff so refreshing when all we usually hear is about chavettes. Well done to her!

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