Instant Embassies.....

"The Foreign Office is assembling "instant embassies" to be flown, in containers, to trouble spots".

"They would include flat-pack buildings, tables, chairs, communications equipment and rations".

"The British embassy there (in Kabul) was very run-down and it took time to get it up and active again".


Troops' accommodation anyone?

Nice to see they have their priorities straight.
 :mad: ::)
They probably have spineless civil servants in the same box, or DFID handing out UK Taxpayers money willy nilly

It took 10 years for you to come up with that response? A feat of the literary art


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Hot but not scalding if that makes sense. I also like to loudly exclaim 'DIVE DIVE DIVE' in a faux German accent, when descending the package.

you trying to make sure you're firing blanks then by killing your swimmers?


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or trying to shrink your dangly old mans nutsack like a kangol beret - hot bath - cold sink - hot bath - cold sink......


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Still, it's a welcome reminder that the Taliban were defeated 10 years ago.

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