Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-

Discussion in 'Military History and Militaria' started by yank_eyetie, Mar 7, 2010.

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  1. Rather careful to define 'overseas', aren't they? Not just 'outwith the existing boundaries of the United States' but applied retrospectively to exclude military actions if they took place on land that's now in the US.

    Another thing that struck me was the number of occasions when 'protecting US interests' involved protecting US territory in other countries. I knew it was an Empire in denial but the extent of overseas holding still surprised me.
  2. Please define "empire" and "overseas holding" so I make sure I understand your point accurately.
  3. According to OED:
    Under definition 1, the US has both de facto and de jure control over a large amount of territory that’s not officially part of the United States of America even to this day. The Marshall Islands and American Samoa spring to mind, as does historically the occupation of the Philippines. Empire is as Empire does but the US doesn’t want to see itself in those terms, it would seem.

    Even discounting the loose phrasing of, “protecting American property and interests”, there are a great many occasions listed on which the US deployed military force outside her own borders for the sole purpose of over-ruling the local authority and imposing its own. It’s at the very least an implicit exercise of sovereignty.

    ‘Imperial’ isn’t automatically a bad thing, it’s all in how the authority is exercised. I’m constantly surprised at how many Americans seem surprised and upset at having the label attached to their country. You've been (on the whole and in the main) a good influence on the world.

    Of course, it would be flippant to suggest that definition 3 also applied. :wink:
  4. Hell by that logic, the UK is part of our Empire as well..... Kewl, now your the Colonists :p

  5. We bow to thee Lord Goldbricker, Our Evil Overseer! What shall we do for thee next, Sire? :twisted:

    ps Would you mind sending over a few B1's to flatten the Houses of Parliament first though -- there's a good chap!
  6. Come now, when have you ever had to deploy military force to overrule the local authorities in the UK? They're normally pretty eager to overrule themselves when you ask.
  7. Good Point
  8. Frankly, given the current state of the Land of Uk, Obama could probably just invoke the Guano Islands Act (1856) and take us over:
    "Whenever any citizen of the United States discovers a deposit of guano on any island, rock, or key... ...such island, rock, or key may, at the discretion of the President, be considered as appertaining to the United States".

    We've so much sh1t on this island I think we qualify.