Installation Technitian and Information system Engineer

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by heavydee, Sep 9, 2008.

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  1. Can someone help .iam joining the signals and confused about whether to go for the installation Technitian trade or as an informations engineer.
    Which of these trades would guarentee employment after my term in the army?
    Iam okay with programming(c and visual basic ) and can do a bit of choice is not based on interest since i enjoy getting my hands dirty as a technitian or just working with pcs.which option would give me better job prosepects in future?

    thank you for your help people.
  2. no offence, but learn to spell first
  3. That's the trade for you!
  4. Install Tech has a shaky future where as IS is just going through a remold to make it more viable. More info if you search this forum chap.

    Easy choice go IS you will have plenty of opportunity to get your hands "dirty" on installs etc.
  5. I started as a Mech (early Installation Technician) and then moved to the dark side along with a couple of other Mechs into the IS now CS roster. My advice is based purely on the fun of the job really as opposed to trying to work out what to do for when you get out. If your thinking of that now then I can only assume you don't plan on staying in for long?

    Mech is great - great bunch of guys with a 'Mafia' family orientation, when I was a Mech most of us knew each other (even if just by name) but would help out one another if the request came.
    Work wise - absolutely brilliant, low down and dirty, hard graft in sh!tty environments occasionally and most of all people rely on your skills and appreciate it. Overall a visually rewarding job.........on the downside, promotion is crap (even now) and you have to take the rough with the smoothe. Jointing cable at -20 in the falklands isn't the most fun by all accounts........

    Prospects for Civvie Street - Rigging, Indepth knowledge of cabling standards, level 1-3 of the OSI 7 Layer Model tbh - Wage prospects, upward of 60k a year if you get the right job.

    CS is also great but its less rewarding, IS geeks are ten a penny and you have to be tech savvy to be recognised. You also need people skills a lot more as you will be in the face of the customer much more in the working day and if you appear to not know your sh!t then your in for a rough time. The thing to remember about CS Eng is that the Siggy can outshine the Warrant Officer in technical ability and still not receive the credit as his social skills are not up to much - People skills are the key and stereotyping still goes on regularly.

    Promotion is good, given that you produce the goods and prospects for Civvie street - Everywhere uses IT/IS so you will be employable, knowledge of OSI levels 1-7 and wage prospects, anywhere between minimum wage and 100k+ a year. Depends on what you excel in.

    My career has been great so far and I don't regret anything from either trade and they compliment each other well so the only advice I can say is if you want to work for a living then go Install Tech, if you want to prove your technical ability then go IS.

    Mech --------> Retrade to CS would work too but CS ------------> Mech I wouldn't suggest.

    My 2 Cents
  6. CS Engr all the way. You can get all the quals an Inst Tech can anyway, either through the Army or by paying for it yourself, and you will (due to the merger of IS Engr and Sys Eng Tech) be given a wide scope of skills.

    Instant promotion to LCpl on completion of trade, if you look at the CS Op or CS ENgr thread, i put in a bit about wages. I think you´re on something like 22K when you leave trade.