installation tech.

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Mark22, May 30, 2010.

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  1. Hey I'm looking at joing the army, am looking at the job installation tech. It looks quite physical and hands on and think I would enjoy this. Could any one whos in the signals tell me what this job is like and were I my get posted. Thanks for any help.
  2. It can be busy when it's busy and not when it's not. Afghan see's the main commitment but don't be fooled into thinking you will be going Cyprus, Gibraltar or anywhere amazingly sunny. After being in this trade long enough, I know that these opportunities are far and few between. I would avoid the Royal Corps all together and go for a job that you are likely to be doing all the time avoid the large corps... sadly it's a dying trade, being taken over by contractors etc
    If you have to most undoubtedly go for the R.Signals go Tech (cant remember the full trade name these days), it's not so hands on but they are just as busy on tour and get handed their lance corporals at the end of phase 2.
  3. Is it installation techs were you get to lance corporal at end of phase 2?
  4. Tom_Thumb, are you recommending to not go signals realy?
  5. tom is probably sore that he didn't get promoted along with 99.9% of all the other Inst Techs :)

    Its a great trade but career wise its a tough one as their promotion tree is blocked by the small number of SSgt's too scared to get on the RD roster.

    There are better trades such as IS/Tech and even EW, If you want to join the Royal Corps make sure it has a supervisory route (money for old rope until your 55).

    Good Luck
  6. Ok thanks are you saying its hard to get promoted as an installation tech

    And how do I make sure I get a supervisory role?
    Thanks for your advice
  7. It is harder because they are very good at what they do making the promotion line but there a not enough vacant positions for them to promote into. Its a bad position to be in but if no one moves on at the high end there is no movement across the rest of the ranks (problem is, its just too good a job to give up!).

    As for supervisory its the Foreman or Yeoman route. Your recruiter will have the info.
  8. Better trades? Wash youre mouth out Disco! We are all Mech Gods, even the young ones!

    Qualifications out of training are City and Guilds in multimode and single mode fiber, copper cabling etc. NVQ's if you study for them. After class 1 (Anywhere between 3-5 years in trade, normally 4+), City and Guilds in Communications planning. Can also go down the other comms routes.

    Installation Techs are employed all over the world. There is a squadron at 10 Sig Regt which employs just mechs, minus the few officers, stores etc. There used to be a lot of postings to airfields in Germany, Cyprus and Gibraltar, but these have become few and far between, with contractors taking over a lot of the work.

    On the course you learn a lot of hands on skills to do with the trade, but there is a chunk in the classroom, so a basic grasp of maths and if possible, electronic principles would be handy. Not essential, but a good maths head will help.

    Basic course is 8 months down at Blandford, and the upgrader course is 4 months, which concentrates on project planning.

    Currently a lot of work going on in Afghanistan, due to the expansions of camps. There is a lot of other opportunities, including doing some gucci jobs over in places like Hong Kong, Africa, America, Italy, and also all over the UK.

    As said, promotion is very hard, and its currently top heavy with LCpl's, with few places to get promoted into higher ranks. Its not impossible though, and one of our recent boards actually saw a lot of people promoted, inlcuding more than other trades!

    Its a good, hands on job. When you're not working though, it can become boring. You will find that in a normal regiment, you won't be employed very well within you're trade, which can be demoralizing, but when busy there is no let up in the work.

    Hope that helps!