installation tech or systems engineering tech

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by jamoo, Apr 16, 2006.

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  1. Hi,

    I want to apply for the royal signals as either an installation technician or a systems engineering technician. if you could give me any info on these and also good points bad points of the jobs it would be much appreciated.

    i have read as much as i can find on these two jobs, but nothing really answers anything i want to know.

  2. systems engineering technician
    systems engineering technician
    systems engineering technician
    systems engineering technician

    Every time, there is no other option if you can become one.
    Go for it.

  3. Sorry to all the Inst Techs/Mechs but I agree with Bowman_Guru. With the Systems Engineering Technician you could end up with an Honours Degree which will stand you in excellent stead when it comes to leaving the Army.

    However the Installation Tech will give you an exciting and challeging trade skill that you can also take out into Civvie Street and would certainly be my second choice of the R Sigs trades.

    Hope that helps

  4. Techs (we) are the most hated trade in the sigs. I have been told that the two trades will be merging in the near you can't go wrong.

  5. First off jamoo what are YOU like?

    If you are quite practical you may prefer Inst Tech, as that it what pretty much all of the trade consists of.

    There is a lot of theory involved in SysEngTech, and whole lot of maths.
  6. I believe that it the 'Sys Eng Tech' and 'IS Eng' that are merging! I think the telemechs are merging with the liney's to run the MT! I have heard that they are already training only one operator trade (ICS Operator)!
  7. the sys eng tech and is eng ammalgamation is being fought against at the highest levels as it is to much work for one indivdual
  8. The knowledge needed to do both trades would mean that no one could do either job effectively surely?
  9. Agreed but the engineering world has always been to big. We used to have loads of different Techs - RR, TE, Radio ..

    This has been witled down to just a sys eng tech with a wide knowledge but nothing in depth !!

    I think they should put them all under one umbrella Eng Tech (this with please the authorities) and then add the old brackets for (Systems) or (I.S.).

    This way they are ammalgamated yet it is clearly defined who is pot FofS and who is pot IS Sup - unless they ammalgamate these ...I have heard FofS(IS) mentioned!
  10. Well, most FofS want the IS role back anyway.
  11. Being more practically minded, would you suggest becoming an installation tech, over the systems engineering tech. I have started to lean that way, as it seems more in keeping with what I had in mind when first thinking about joining. I’m not really joining up to do a degree; I’ve tried that and only managed a HND.

    Thanks for your help.
  12. Not neccesarily, just if you're practical. Bear in mind that there is a lot of theory involved in the training for tech, theory that you will be expected to use practically on the equipment you maintain. Inst Tech is a little less intense on theory.

    Just out of curiosity have you spoken to the Careers Sgt in the careers office yet?
  13. Jamoo,

    What was your HND in?
  14. Jamoo,

    What subject is your HND in? With SysEngTech you are looking at HNC in Telecommunications with your Class 1 (Typically 5+ Yrs) - although I believe you can still qualify as a Class 1 tradesman without neccessarily attaining HNC standard. A pass in every core subject (at class 1) will give you 12 of the 14 units required if you wish to advance your qual to HND in your own time.

    Following class 1 training, if you are selected for, & successfully complete Foreman of Signals (FofS) training, you can expect to become qualified up to BSc (Hons).

    As an Inst Tech you will most probably be trained to BTEC level in Fibre Optics as well as a host of other industry recognised standards in related subjects such as structured cabling etc. This is the bread & butter of the TeleMech world. Although it isn't unheard of for one or two SysEngTechs to get these quals, it is a rarity & always specific to a particular job / post.

    Hope this helps,

  15. my HND was in Business Information Technology (merit), but i previously got a btec in computing (distinction), which was probably more relevant than the HND (i wish i'd joined up after the btec).

    i have had my BARB test, they nearly crewed it up, cos i got a D in GCSE english they said i couldn't do my choices, they didn't take the HND into account, but i e-mailed the dignals recruitment directly and they said the HND covers it.