installation tech. or electrian

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Matt44, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. Hey I'm stuck between two job choices installation tech. and royal engineers electrian. Would anyone recommend one over the other. Thanks for any help.
  2. Well one has future and a solid promotion tree, the other is in the Signals :)
  3. I throught installation tech. would have a future a a solid promotion tree as its a tech trade? Am I wrong?
  4. Inst Tech will deliver some excellent qualifications and plenty of trade experience. However it is heavily outsourced so the future is uncertain especially as expeditionary work dries up post Herrick.

    Because it is a very small trade group with promotion only to SSgt promotion is painfully slow. The quality is there but not enough vacant slots to promote in.

    An excellent short term career if you only plan to do 4-6 years, anything longer and I would look at something else.
  5. when you say heavily outsourced, do you mean there isn't much work for this trade to do?

    Is promotion slow, don't you get your lance corporal when you pass as a class 3 tech? Then corporal at class 2 tech? sgt at class 1? I may be wrong.
    I'm hoping to get a full career out of the army, 22 years, may I be better with electrian in the royal engineers then? As regards to better promtion in the long term.
  6. No that was the Sys Eng Tech thing. They tried to make tele mech into inst tech but the promotion never caught on.

    The jobs are going to civvies everywhere other than Corsham and Henlow and as was said once Herrick is gone there is no real job.

    Sys Eng Techs or CS Eng as it is now get their LCpl after training, dunno if they still get Cpl once a Class 2 but certainly don't get Sgt after Class 1 and haven't done for 5 years.
  7. LOL - you think we'll ever leave Afghanistan? By the time HERRICK finishes we'll be running WiMax v.9 with Quantum crypto over a high altitude platform-based mesh and we won't need fibre. And China and India will be running the show. Then Osama Bin Laden will emerge from his cocoon and ask if Bryan Adams is still Number 1. :p

    And people will still stubbornly call Inst Techs "mechs".
  8. Difference is I will be out of the mob and in the outsourced gravy train :)
  9. Me too. See you there!
  10. Just as it should be...

    The trade isn't such a 'dying' trade, but it is very slow promotion. Having said that though, i know of a couple of people who hit full screw after 5-6 years out of Blandford on completion of Class 3. There is promotion beyond SSgt, but its into one of two supervisory roles. Other than that, its RD roster i believe. You could go for Foreman, but having no Tech background, you will probably struggle!

    Depends on what you want to do...

    Mech gets city and guilds in installation, and upon completion of class 1, planning.
    Electrician gets Edition 17 (or is it 18 now?)

    Its a weird one, as talking to the older and bolder mechs (when they were mechs ;) ) the whole dying trade thing has been circulating for about 20 years now...
  11. What part of the job involves mechanics?