Installation of the Constable of the Tower of London 7/10/09

Constable of the Tower, Hmmm! direct access to Her Maj. Watch out Gordo me bhoy, you may end up the good Generals customer, alongside the Pretender to Europe. :D :D :D :D :D :D
I was on Guard there for one of these events a while back, not alot to see in fairness, although it was good to see the HAC wearing some truly gopping gear (even if they were wearing our fcuking Capbadge!)

And the Padre's daughter was cutting about as per SOP's!!
How's he going to spend his £21,000 pa (rising to 24 after his probationary period of 2 years) Still, he's only got a small beat. Nights might be a bit tough at his age though....


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