Instaling Vista on a XP machine

Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by chocolate_frog, Jul 21, 2009.

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  1. Been asked a question and I can't seem to find the answer (I want) on the t'interweb. So chances are it can't be done.

    Can I upgrade an XP machine to run Vista? Or is it a case of complete rebuild?

    The machine in question would take a little while to put everything back on if the rebuild is the only option.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. If you google for a vista compatibility program and run it, it will scan your hardware and tell you if your pc is capable of running vista.
  3. The machine is capable of running Vista, I am just wonderng if I can upgrade over XP, or if it has to be rebuilt.
  4. You can depending on what type of XP it is:,2845,2082982,00.asp
  5. Cheers P_A, don't know why I couldn't find that before.

    And to you too, THM.

    Might be off these means for a while....... fingers crossed.
  6. If you already know the machine is capable of running Vista then there is no reason to rebuild. If you have a Vista install disc check to see if it is an upgrade disc from XP to Vista, if a full blown Vista disc, then backup any files you require and install Vista, it will format the disc on install.

  7. Ceate a seperate partition on your hard drive (if you have space!!), install vista onto this, then have a dual OS boot machine, that way you can see if you like vista for everyday use before perhaps committing to a complete install.
  8. Or run virtual pc on xp and put vista on it will take no time to do and see if you like it on that pc
  9. I have installed vista ultimate over XP on a couple of machines, what I have found is that it will put your old windows into a folder called "oldwindows". everything is in there still, i.e documents etc if thats what you are worried about, I just moved them into new documents folder
  10. I did the same when I changed from XP to bed Vista, it was very handy as I still had my old stuff to access without backing it up. ;) i didn't have to worry about creating a partition, I just put it in as a new installation.
  11. My apologies :oops: , yes it does put XP in "oldwindows". Have to be honest I have not done an install for a number of years, I use Vista and am quite happy with it, is memory hungry but I can run all my programmes with no problem :D .

  12. Why would you want to?

    I have Vista on my laptop and XP on my PC at home. I still much prefer XP.
  13. What he said. Vista is still not generally trouble free compared to XP. I have had no end of problems with peripherals and installations and have twice had to restore to factory settings in just 4 months. (problems with Norton. Got Kaspersky now!) :pc: :thumleft:

    Nay bother with XP pro :thumleft:
  14. DON'T DO IT!!! Stick to XP it is so much better. I have reverted back to XP on my laptop and it runs much better. Or if you fancy something different try Linux is will be like a hole new world.
  15. Would strongly disagree with you there my friend, those who have problems with Vista are usually those who install sh*tloads of bloatware on their PC's or never defrag or scandisk their drives for errors, or generally have sh*t spec computers.

    Maybe you stick to XP because your laptop is a little powered for all the pretty effects Vista does?

    Saying that, I have pretty beefed up PC and laptop (which is a lovely HP HDX).

    BUT XP with all service packs is definately 110% defendable, but to me so is Vista.