inst techs in the same place

I wasn't aware it was all the Inst techs, they are still staying in Cyprus, Gibraltar & NI aren't they? Also aren't they having a troop of Inst Techs in Elmpt too?

So if they are pulling them all from these units too I reckon it's bad but if they are just pulling them from sh1tholes were they have nothing to do but get fùcked around, 102 for instance, I reckon it'll be a good thing.


when i said all maybe that wasn't entirly true what i should of said was a major majority of mechs and insts techs.
the units you metioned have been de scaled dramatically
but i feel that there will be alot of mechs sitting around doing nothing
but yes it's good getting them out of the shit units


All sat around in one place, erm, no a bad thing me thinks, look out off the cuff op tours and such like, also the start of whitling down the trade/trades......look out fellow Inst Techs


War Hero
I think to just mong around in a manning pool waiting for somebody to call your number would be demoralising.


Better work ethic/employment of trade skills.
Dedicated Install Teams.
Better planning and use of resources.
Lots of travel, worth while taskings.
Loads of gongs!
No handbags

Spend 10 months in a sleeping bag.
Poor understanding of Corps buisness, lack of field knowledge.
Lack of employment/posting variety.
Chances of being available for courses is limited.
Gong mounting costs!
In the cross hairs for trade restructure

By the way Mic, TeleMechs have long gone and pretty much what they did too. Your all Inst Techs now like it or not :p .

The main problem is you will bounce between Corsham (and its troops) and Cyprus. NI is nearly over an done with. Gib is still there all though positions are limited. Cyprus for now is hanging in there but the more network that moves to DFTS the less the requirement for a dedicated Troop of Inst Techs. Unfortunatley the whole comms front has moved on significantly and has been fully de-skilled. The advent of structured cabling and its reliability has negated expensive faulting/maint contracts.

The Corps requirement lies within capabilty on Ops mostly internal with an element of external plant, homefront is mostly commercial. Interesting work at first but most people dont have the legs for continual tours living in the same conditions while watching counterparts getting the full Op tour package (leave etc).

The RSM of 10SR put across a very good point about how Inst Techs could become very sheltered to the Corps as a whole leaving them weak on the RD roster.

We shall have to suck it and see how it goes, personally I am not to confident about the trades future although Corsham could go along way to securing it. It is too early to tell.

Get yourself over there and enjoy!
Disco said:
The RSM of 10SR put across a very good point about how Inst Techs could become very sheltered to the Corps as a whole leaving them weak on the RD roster.

True, but surely Inst Tech is too valuable as a trade for RD to be the next logical step. There should definitely be either a supervisory appointment or WO2 in trade for Inst Techs (in my humble opinion).


Under DCSA plans, virtually all cable work will be outsourced, therefore Cyprus, Gib, BFG will all go as potential postings for Inst Techs except for those 'shít' units where they think all you can do is pull quad.


The_GreyMan said:
So basically its all going out to CONTRACT, exept in a war of course

No that is up for contract too just look at Cogent and Paradigm. As long as the "enviroment" is secure then it can go to civilian tender.

Hey we all need a job when we leave the army ;)


there never gonna fully take over they never will, just look at other theatres we're in which we have been there for a while
why the hell would you want to go out there as a civvy when you spent your army career being ordered to go to that sh*t hole :?


Lilly's is it's own wonder it makes Tiff And Vaultz (formley and always have a special place in my heart the G spot) like a celeb hangout
LILLY'S is the worst place i have ever been to but yet i can't stop going i think i need to re evalueate my life
Im an inst tech on tour right now... and it seems even here theres a massive dispute over who does what. Not going to go into specifics, but basically its another countrys responsability to do the majority of the jobs the two of us (one sig and one Lcpl) are doing. But as per usual its the glorious corp thats the one footing the bill and doing the work.
My own opinion is, even if theres no work to do for the British contingent (i.e its all gone into contract work) then we can always settle for doing other peoples dirty work! (seems to be what im doing most atm!)
Peace out and merry xmas!
Although it is true that a great deal of work has been outsourced what is actually being provided by the likes of Paradigm and others is only comms nodes such as sat links back to the UK and across theatre. The cable infrastructure, both inside buildings and cross-site, is still installed by Inst Techs and RAF Techs predominantly from 10 Sigs and DCSA Henlow. The way that the military works i.e. changing its mind and moving everything around every two years negates the whole idea of a structured cabling network being installed and lasting 15 to 20 years. There is plenty of work on both Telic and Herrick and on all the UK’s fixed comms sites around the world to keep Inst Techs employed for many years to come, in fact we are currently struggling to provide the man power to carry out many of the on going installation projects.

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