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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by cbguest, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. What’s the best story you’ve heard about teamwork on service?
  2. Me and and a mate spit roasting your Mum! Awesome teamwork!
  3. 300. A handful of nails Spartans hold their ground against an enemy of tens of thousands until betrayed, thus assuring their fate.
  4. Top Gun - in spite of losing his best friend, Maverick and his new navigator kill lots of commies and get back in time for homo erotic slapping and medals (not sure about the tea).
  5. The one where the bloke gets shot at the end, you know when he's running away from the fuzzy wuzzies.
  6. Brokeback Mountain.

    2 Bummer Cow-fags, despite all odds manage to scuttle eachother in a tent out in the boonies.
  7. The tale of a poor Austrian war hero struggling through life who eventually takes power and restore's national pride to a downtrodden people
  8. as you posted this question in every forum going, i will reciprocate by posting my response in every forum:

    fuck off you lazy, boring journo.
  9. I prefer this version...

    :D :D :D