Inspiring stories wanted?

Discussion in 'REME' started by cbguest, Nov 27, 2008.

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  1. What’s the best story you’ve heard about team work on service?
  2. A bunch of moderators on the ARRSe website binned some new poster for putting up the same f***king question on every forum going... :x
  3. as you posted this question in every forum going, i will reciprocate by posting my response in every forum:

    fuck off you lazy, boring journo.
  4. One time, at band camp - four of us got together and!!!!!!!!!!

    Had a sing song!
  5. Once upon a time, a long,long while ago in BAOR, four of us got on the

    p!ss and once we had become well oiled, we decided to 'borrow' the OCs

    volkswagen and take a little trip into Iserlohn.

    The road was very dark and icy and as we were not too well co-ordinated,

    we soon wrote the little volks off. Oh! how we laughed.....once we got out

    of the Regimental nick that is. British Army teamwork at its best. :wink:
  6. Have you tried asking on Pprune?

    There are dozens of boards, covering all sorts of trades where you can feel free to ask whatever questions you want.

    I'd particulary recommend this one;

  7. I used to go to the Chieftain Club in Hobart Barracks, Detmold and get hammered. Is was a long drunken stumble back to Lothian Barracks so I nicked the Adjutants push bike. I got wedged firmly in the turnstiles gate at the back of Hobart with the bike.
    The lads from 4 Armd Wksp p*ssed themselves first then went to get two 12" adjustables to dismantle the turnstiles thereby releasing me and said bike to continue on my merry way.
    I rode the bike into a F Off big hole where the Deutsches were digging up gas mains. I left the bike there and booked back into Lothian.
    Good teamwork but poor workshop practice using adjustables instead of a socket set or ring spanners first.
  8. A four man pincer movement in the NAAFI bar at Mount Pleasant to skiff a lad, thereby giving him a 'Pooh tash' the like of which has never been seen since.

    You must have seen the new TV advert 'Join the army - for the teamwork - for the challenge - together - forward as one - with pooh tashes'
  9. pure quality..... i saw a pooh tasche being given after a kangeroo court in warminsters' bath arms......... will never escape my memory.. and i was the poor lads defence!!