Bugger! and there was me planning a good old self pitying winge for later on about a couple of extra grey hairs ........I'll have to shelve that now.
Had the very great privilege to meet Aveuta. It's a shame that even the web can't convey the natural good humour and enthusiasm that oozes out of every pore of the bloke. His one goal, at the time I met him , was to get back to Regiment.

Now he has, bloody fantastic.
Good effort fellas, inspirational stuff.

Quote of the century. “So you get blown up. S**t happens. The leg isn’t going to grow back."

Lets hope the powers that be let them enjoy as full a career as possible. After all they are the best judge of what is good for them.
Good work lads. I hope that you get back - you're exactly the kind of soldiers that the Army needs.
Freaking hell!!

Hats off to the guys!! Large pice of humble pie being fetched from the fridge right now!
Sven said:
Amazing, and as the threads title says, inspirational.

Puts those of us who whinge about our lesser problems to shame.
For once I'm in absolute agreement with you Sven. :wink:
The night I met him , he was present with Andy. The pair of them were wheelchair dancing and having wheelchair races lololol. Brilliant positive attitude from both of them, but the most moving time, wasn't the wonderful words being said about them , and the respect and awe they were being held in, but a conversation between one of our chefs, and Aveuta, which left her in tears and shaking.

It's hard to describe, she was telling him how incredibly brave she thought he was, and he was telling her how incredibly brave he thought she was dishing out the Bacon butties under fire.

There is something quite humbling, and very moving about 2 brave people telling each other "No no, you're braver than me"

I think there's grit in my eye.
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