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I only hope that the PC / H+S / G1 commisars don't find a reason to get rid of these guys as quick as they can.

I'm sure both still have a tremendous amount to offer the service
Does it grip any one else's sh*t to hear about our lads getting their limbs blown off by old Russian mines?

Made me really angry reading that.

incredible bravery. and good to see they can return to the infantry if they can still complete fitness tests, if i read between the lines correctly.
I didn't know about returning to infantry being possible. Gladdens the heart.

Well done to them, and best wishes.
the_guru said:

These young men are the true heroes of this country. Their spirit and forwards thinking attitude are an inspiration to all.

I salute them.
I wish both lads good luck ,You should both be very proud of yourselves well done .
Andy (Ken) Barlow was one of the Fusiliers under my command in Kajaki where he lost his leg in the mine incident. He's a brave man and an excellent bloke. I was impressed with the RRF out there as they did a stirling job. I remember having a conversation with him about the Fijian who still wanted to box with one leg.

All the best Ken and i hope you also got your pirates outfit like the lads in 3 PARA who lost a leg each on that sh1tty day! :thumright:
God bless em, gold standard lads....
Hiya everyone,

I know these 2 lads and they seem tobe doing amazingly well, Barlow is apparantly making one of the quickest recoveries on record!!!

My husband was there when they did this interview because he is recovering from an RPG attack in Afghan, but seemingly they didn't think his injuries suffient for their articles, even though he can no longer use his right arm...they are after the shock factor by writing about those 2 lads because of their cosmetic injuries and it makes me sad to think that they use them in that way. The lads got a crate of beer for doing it though so in the world of a squaddie that's a right result i suppose! lol!

They are both very brave lads and have done so amazingly well to have made it back out to Cyprus and to be in such high spirits!

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