Inspirational Second in Commands

Discussion in 'Officers' started by super_geed, May 6, 2011.

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  1. Can anyone think of any inspirational 2ICs who supported some famous leaders? I am looking for some examples for a PNCO course. I was thinking along the lines of Lawrence Oates..........
  2. Lawrence Oates.
  3. Lawrence "Larry" Oates.

  4. Who was that guy who went on antartic expeds with Capt Scott? I hear that he was pretty good. Came a cropper though. Shame.
  5. De Guingand
  6. Have you thought about Lawrence Oates?
  7. It was Lawrence Oates.
  8. That's the one; Lawrence Oates.
  9. There's someone else though, I'm sure. Who was the chap who said 'I'm just going outside and may be some time'? You know; born in 1880, went to Eton, known as 'Titus' to his chums.
  10. Oh yes, and Muttley, who I always found more effective than Dick Dastardly.

    Not a patch on Lawrence Oates though.
  11. Chris Keeble DSO

    and Lawrence Oates
  12. Wasnt that Lawrence Oates? Memory is a bit fuzzy, could be wrong
  13. Scrappy Doo.
  14. Mark Anthony... or is that just sloppy seconds?