Inspiration needed for Christmas presents

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by livelife, Dec 16, 2011.

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  1. I would like to get my two brothers (in their 30's) and my son (aged eighteen) something that does not resemble the usual socks/tie
    Christmas fallbacks but am really struggling and would really value some guidance.

    I would like to get my son a good quality traditional watch that will last - I don't have a bottomless budget but know that you
    get what you pay for. It will need to be fairly indestructible and precieved as haing some street credibility or it will linger in the
    bottom of a drawer. Any other ideas valued.

    My brothers are outdoor sporty types - now the challenge is we set a budget of £10 per present (although a little artistic licence
    is allowed) and I keep finding myself coming back to socks as the only affordable option.

    I have spent ages looking for inspiration and the fail safe method of asking them simply generated the "really don't mind" less
    than helpful response!

    I would really value any ideas. Thanks for any help
  2. Pet sharks - maximum street cred and you can feed them on pit bulls.
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  3. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    For the watch, I'd go for a Citizen Ecodrive, decent good quality timepiece at a nice price. I've still got one my mum gave me 10 years ago and it's great if a little battered and scratched, £200 will get you a decent one.

    As for your brothers just give them booze, they'll prefer it to any other shit you can find for a tenner.

    This year all my relatives are getting home made coat racks, because I'm a pikey and couldn't think of anything decent to buy.

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  4. 20 cigs and a packet of crisps
  5. Condoms.
  6. Citizen ecodrive duly bought for son and change from £150 - beauty of the internet. Perfect.
  7. For the brothers in the their 30s, I recommend the below; it is like no other ****, I shit you not:


    There is an alien version, if one of your brothers is 'into' Aliens (no pun intended).
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  8. Viceroy - you have no idea how tempting your suggestion is - as part of a very traditional family who's elders need access to smelling salts if someone swears who insist on a communal present opening it is almost worth the banishment from the family :)
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  9. Ravers

    Ravers LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    That was quick, will you do anything I say, or just purchase watches from the internet?

    I command you to steal a car and ram raid Tescos.
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  10. Go for it, honestly. In fact I very much like giving things like vibrators etc to friends, it creates quite a stir, have a look, there is a whole range and it truly is a great product. I remember having presented a 'Magic Wand' (known through Sex and the city I am told) to a female friend of mine, I have never heard a thank you or anything. About 6 months later I meet her and casually ask her if she had a chance to try out the xmas pressie as I had heard it was rather good. "Eh, errr, (turns red), not really, oh yes, it helped me with the tension in my shoulder, have not used it since..." Priceless.

  11. done - maybe I should have read that more carefully - more haste less speed - thought you said steam a ram and eat it al fresco - knew I should have read it more carefully
  12. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    **** spending good beer money on poxy watches. Give them this. And get me some Stella when you do the Tescos job.

  13. Tissot PR100 is a very nice watch for £230. Made of titanium so weighs next to nothing. Subtle, understated and classy - but comes across as a thoughtful present. Comes in a posh box with a little book all about Tissot's history.


    Tissot PRC100 Gents Watch | Watches | Goldsmiths
  14. Tut! Someone wasn't truthful when they declared they had no rounds and empty cases on their possession.

    I like that coat rack and I want one.
  15. If you can make one of those with 50 cal brass, i'll buy one. You could be on to a little gold mine there ravers.