Inspiration from the toughest women thread.

As inspired from the toughest bints thread, we need to find a child capable of kicking all of our ARRSE's. I know the internet is a dark place sometimes, so what I might suggest is not using words such as "kid" and "naked" in the same search :!:

I remember seeing a documentry with one of these such nippers, and it's said they'll be six feet under far quicker than if they weren't on this Bruce Lee lifestyle mission.

I'm pretty sure little hercules would kick the fcuk out of most of us washed up old farts.

Not sure how old the image is, but for all i know he's now in his 30's and resembles a human duvet.


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My daughter began running at age 4, started with three miles a day. Now 29 and we haven't seen her for 25 years but last heard she had reached Malaya!

Boom boom!