Inspectors conclude no WMD in Iraq

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 6, 2004.

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    Jack ,UN sanctions WERE obviously working .We know this ,because you haven't found as much as a nasty petri dish.Why the hell are you still pushing this tired old crap? He could have ,he might have ,he would have.

    Bulls*it. This report is the worst news you and the rest of the coterie of cretins could have had.

    ISG has been very very bloody busy (and getting mortared) and found NOTHING. Oh sorry ,not quite true ,they found several tonnes of paper.

    Now if Saddam had built his WMD ,tell me ,who would he have used them against? Israel? Not bloody likely. Iran? ...and that's bad for us how? Saudi Arabia? Bonus.

    It's all crap ,and if the people weren't so apathetic ,you and the Celestial Navigator (For we are lost without his divine guidance etc etc) would be on the blower to Pickfords.

    I see ,right on cue the deputy puppet (That's the way to do it) is banging on about "Remember Hallabja" . I'm sure you remembered it ,when you were shopping in Harrods and larging it in Mayfair on our money. Kurds and Marsh Arabs ,the lowest form of life in a lot of Iraqi's eyes.

    Let's see how they spin this .Your first attempt Jack o' Straw ,is pathetic. I liked you better ,when you said what you were REALLY thinking.
  2. Spin, spin and more spin :roll: