Inspector Toby Day


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He was posted to Bridgend?
What do you think happened there
I think he was fired for some reason, then informed the media had found out the reason, then went home and battered seven kinds of hell out of pretty much all of his family.

Why, what do you think happened?
What do you think happened there
I didn't know Inspector Toby Day was a place.

I suppose a better question could be, 'What happened to him and his family?' or even 'what did he do to his family and himself?'
Foul means or fair................... whatever it takes to get back on crime watch.
The reason for the sacking the misconduct the reaction to being told its got to the press. Just makes me wonder what happened.
Fuck him,
Now this is the wifes home town and were settling there so just out of interest, will his house be up for sale and how cheap could I get it for?
Oh and what's the best method for getting blood out of carpets?


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There has been a murrrderrrrrrrr.

Silly cunt topping himself.
Mudering all his familly the worse plod would have done is retire him on full pay or extended leave*.

*Yeah I know he'd already gone but the old bill will be along in a minute.....
What does "improper use of police computers" mean? Is there a proper way and an improper way to use them?
What does "improper use of police computers" mean? Is there a proper way and an improper way to use them?
I think 'improper use' alludes to using them for getting personal information or getting that information for somebody outside of the Police.

'Proper use' suggests whilst on Police business.


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It means accessing the PNC and other systems, to grab data which you're not legally entitled to have. Or using a police computer to access the interweb to scawl on the walls of the Old Bill's equivalent to ARRSE.
You do realise I was taking the piss, or perhaps you don't.


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I thought BBR topped himself yonks ago?

Any mother who calls her son Toby is asking for it. Tobias for fucks sakes.
I say the Police Inspector did it in the living room and the bedroom eventually ending up swinging from the bannister holding a candlestick.

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